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See What it’s Like to Break a Downhill Skateboarding World Record in POV (video)


Odds are you’ll never get to experience what it is commonly know as “downhill skateboarding.”  It takes balls of steel and a penchant for some serious road rash.  But good news, World Champion downhill skateboarder, Mischo Erban, was kind enough to tote along a helmet cam to capature what it’s like to not only cruise at an ungodly speed down hill in just a single piece suit with a skateboard under your feet, but also break a world record.

So what kind of speeds are we talking?  80.74 mph, which broke the previous Guinness World Record, which had stood 70.21mph achieved by Douglas da Silva, at Teutonia, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, on October 20, 2007.

The 28 year old rider was able to stay abreast of his speed, distance, time and other stats, in real time no less, by wearing a custom made heads-up display by RECON instruments. The prototype HUD was custom built for Erban, and features a gooseneck for easy adjustment along with a special clip that allowed him to switch between helmets.

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