Doohan iTank Review

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Updated March 21, 2023
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The Doohan iTank three-wheeled electric scooter is a powerful scooter that can take hills easily without overexerting itself, leaving you with the extra power to do your errands. The battery life is average for a scooter its size, and the two battery compartments allow you to double that life, which is handy, but only if you purchase another battery. Despite this, we would still consider it one of the best electric mopeds, or the best electric scooter.

Why We Like It – Doohan iTank

The Doohan iTank is a 50cc motorcycle that’s perfect for running your errands around town and, if you feel so inclined, can be pushed beyond that for a little extra thrill. The three hydraulic disk brakes make braking simple and smooth, and the battery constantly monitors itself for temperature and other risks for extra security.

  • Climbs Hills Easily
  • Regenerative Rear-Wheel Braking
  • Two Battery Compartments
  • Need to Buy a Second to Double Your Range
  • Obscenely Expensive


The Doohan iTank is a 50cc moped that features 1490 watts of continuous use power but can deliver up to 3600 watts of power if really pushed to the limit. When it comes to hills, the Doohan iTank can easily climb a 22% incline hill, for example, at a top speed of 25 MPH easily, while only using 40% of the scooter’s total power! But if you would prefer a more eco-friendly alternative, consider the Razor Ecosmart Metro Electric Scooter. Do you want to have a look at one of the most powerful scooters? Open our Uberscoot 1600w 48v electric scooter review for more details. Alternatively, if you are interested, you can check out our review of the Automoto 3-wheeled scooter, which has a 150cc gas-powered engine.


Because the front wheels of the Doohan iTank are three-wheeled instead of two-wheeled, the scooter is equipped with three hydraulic disk brakes. Because of this, the Doohan Itank has twice the braking power of normal. Two-wheeled scooters. The rear wheel also contains regenerative braking and, in wet or slippery conditions, acts like an ABS brake before the mechanical brakes are activated. But if all this sounds too complicated and you just want a simple, handlebar scooter, check out the Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter. Or, if you want a scooter that has a seat and doesn’t go too fast for kids, check out our Maxtra Electic Scooter review.

Battery Life

The batteries on the Doohan iTank protect against overcurrent draw, over-charge, over-discharge, short circuits, and constant monitoring of the temperature to keep it running smoothly and efficiently. On high-speed mode, the Doohan iTank can travel up to 45 miles, while 60 miles is the target distance while running on ECO Mode. That’s about twice as far as the E-Wheels Electric Moped can go on a single charge. The batteries are also removable, and the unit contains two battery compartments, so you double your range if you purchase a new one. If you want to see a scooter that takes approximately 6 hours to charge or 4 hours to supercharge the battery to 80%, open our Eco Reco M5 review.


The Chassis and the suspension are where the durability of this scooter really shines. The chassis is built using a tri-split concept with a hard carbon-steel midsection to hold the aluminum alloy front end and suspension together with the aluminum alloy rear fork. The arms on the suspension are built with the hardest aluminum composite alloy available, and the rear suspension conceals the spring-loaded shock absorber to resist dirt. The Horizon Practical Commuter is another scooter with a nice suspension to smoothly go over bumps.


The Doohan iTank is a worthwhile scooter that we’re sure you’ll get a lot of fun out of. Just be aware that, at $4,305.00, it will make quite a large dent in your wallet. But on a positive note, like the Razor Pocket Mod Miniature Euro, the iTank also has a variety of colors to choose from. So let your taste and personality shine through with your choice of three, albeit standard but still great-looking, colors! For another option around the same price, the Zero 11X is a good option. However, if you want to save some on your budget, check out the Widewheel Pro.

Doohan iTank Wrap Up

The Doohan iTank can give you a lot, but also takes a lot. Mostly your money. Still, its power and safety features, like the regenerative rear braking and its ability to go up hills without a hitch, are to be commended. You can buy an extra battery if you want to go farther, but be aware it’s a lot of extra money you’ll be spending on top of an already expensive scooter.

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