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Dominion Magfed Shotgun Lets You Unload

The shotgun is a tried-and-true tool for zombie defense, fighting off graboids, and various other purposes, some of which might involve discharging shells at non-fantasy creatures, but where’s the fun in that? The Grizzly Magfed Shotgun, from Dominion Arms, is pretty much designed to cater to the dreams of everybody who ever shot a cyberdemon in the face. Or you can go with a crossbow, but first, learn How We Choose The Best Crossbow.

Point And Click

grizzly shotgun2

The basic operation of the Dominion is, well, it’s a shotgun. Even if you’ve never touched a gun in your life, we’ve all seen how they operate in movies, although granted racking a shotgun before firing it pretty much wastes a shell, but that’s Hollywood for you. It’s mostly notable for being just a hair under twenty-seven inches, and for the magazine in the bottom.

Read This Magazine, Punk

Essentially, the magazine underneath holds five shells and lets you fire off those five shells in quick succession. Keep in mind that in most situations, actually needing to do this would be described as “overkill.” On the other hand, you’re probably not buying a magazine-fed shotgun because you’re going to use it in a tactical combat situation, you’re probably doing it because it looks really cool. And really that should be the driving force of all purchasing decisions.

Who Needs To Aim?

grizzly shotgun1

This is probably more for the collector, or the guy who runs around with it unloaded pretending he’s in a Call of Duty match more than anyone else. But if you’re interested, Dominion Arms is pricing this surprisingly reasonably for a firearm. Currently, it’s running about $450 on their website. However, the same caveats apply; check your local gun laws to ensure you can legally own and ship this firearm before you shell out your hard-earned money. Also, ask yourself if you really think the zombies are going to invade.

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  1. Larry Neufeld

    Seeing that they are sold out now . I have put one on my shopping list and waiting for a reply , I think they are a real nice show piece and awesome for recreational use . Got to get one ! Larry Airdrie Ab.

  2. Douglas bepko

    How much do they cost?

    • Christen Costa


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