Does Nintendo Switch Have a Warranty?

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Updated February 20, 2023

If you are looking into product insurance plans, you may wonder if Nintendo Switch has a warranty. Many popular gadgets and appliances offer warranty plans, and the Switch is no different. Nintendo offers a 12-month limited warranty when purchasing a new Switch console, with accessories like controllers getting a three-month warranty. Keep reading to learn more.


  • Nintendo offers a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty for new Nintendo Switch consoles for consumer and not commercial purposes.
  • This warranty covers defects in materials and manufacturing throughout the warranty period, which are the terms of a standard warranty.
  • Nintendo only offers three months of coverage for first-party accessories, with no coverage given to third-party accessories. Third-party extended warranty claims are available.

What Kind of Warranty Comes With a Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo offers a 12-month warranty to cover manufacturer defects, which is shorter than that Craftsman lifetime warranty. This warranty only covers hardware defects that the company can be reasonably sure were caused by the manufacturing process and not by user error, which is similar to how a Lowes appliance warranty works.

Insider Tip

Register your Switch as soon as you unbox the console, as this can also help with the warranty coverage process down the road.

If you encounter a hardware issue during this time period, Nintendo will repair or fully replace the console, similar to how the Apple AirPods warranty or Apple iPhone warranty work. Accessories like controllers only receive a three-month warranty upon purchase. However, the Joycon controllers that ship with the console can access the full 12 months, similar to how an Otterbox warranty for iPhone works.

Making the Most of Your Nintendo Warranty

Here is how to ensure you can make the most of your Nintendo Switch warranty so it will be there when you need it.

Keep the Receipt

It says clear as day on the company’s website that the purchase receipt is necessary when filing a claim for your Switch. You will have to upload this receipt via the warranty implementation window on the official web portal. There are ways to fill your request without a receipt, but it takes longer and it will require speaking to a customer service representative. Save yourself the hassle and just hold onto the receipt. A digital copy should work fine for this.

Third-Party Accessories

Just because it works with the Switch does not mean Nintendo will cover it. The company offers no coverage for third-party accessories. If you have extra controllers and other accessories that need a little TLC, check the packaging to ensure Nintendo made them. If not, contact the original manufacturer and inquire about their warranty options.

STAT: Nintendo systems carry a standard 12-month warranty, which is one of the longest standard warranties in the video game industry. Games and accessories sold individually carry a three-month warranty. (source)

SD Card Damage

Nintendo warranties do not cover damage related to high-speed SD cards.

Switch Warranty FAQs

How do you confirm the warranty validity of your Nintendo Switch?

You should be able to find warranty details online via Nintendo’s web portal, so long that you are the original purchaser and thereby entitled to all legal rights. Nintendo does not cover accidental damage.

What next after your Nintendo Switch warranty expires?

You can try an extended warranty for warranty claims issued by a third party to cover defective materials within the console itself and via the Joy-Con controllers.

What is the Nintendo Switch OLED model?

This is not a copier device but rather a refresh of the gaming console with a snazzy OLED screen. The warranty claims and warranty limitations are the same as the OLED Switch game console.
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