Does Home Warranty Cover AC Replacement?

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Updated September 23, 2022

The best air conditioners are essential for battling the heat of summer. For this reason, when they break, enormous amounts of discomfort and thousands of dollars of repair can result. However, although home warranties often cover HVAC damages and repairs, knowing when and if they will help can sometimes be challenging. So, for those needing answers, below, we’ll do our best to explain when will your home warranty replace an air conditioner.


  • Warranty companies provide peace of mind to homeowners by fixing or replacing air conditioning units that have succumbed to normal wear and tear.
  • Many home warranties won’t cover damages caused by poor maintenance habits, bad weather, or circuit overload and damage.
  • HVAC warranties often come packaged in more extensive home warranties, and service call fees are as high as $100.

This article focuses specifically on central AC units, as other types of air conditioners are less commonly included in home warranties. But for those looking for content of another style ACs, we have a great guide on maintenance for window units.

Insider Tip

The best regular maintenance task to prevent AC breakdown is routinely changing dirty air filters, typically after every 250 hours of usage.

Will Your Home Warranty Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Home warranty plans are meant to cover damages caused by normal wear. It’s essential to thoroughly review your warranty provider’s plan to see what types of service fees and damages fall under the warranty contract.

Most of the time, warranty plans will cover repair and replacement, as long as damages are not abnormal or caused by neglect. To check for this, the warranty company sends a service member to inspect the unit when you report something wrong with your AC unit. Then, they analyze the damages and determine if they result from typical usage or those that fall outside the insurance policy.

Remember that it’s good to establish routine maintenance even if you’re on a warranty. For more, we have articles explaining things like why there’s water in the air conditioner drain pan.

Why Would They Not Replace Your Air Conditioner?

Warranty companies are always trying to save on replacement costs, meaning they will ensure that the damages you report fall within the contractual stipulations. While every company has slightly different criteria, common scenarios label damages outside the warranty coverage.


Don’t expect to get a more powerful unit from your warranty company, as they typically won’t replace your old air conditioner with one larger in size or power.

Poor maintenance or neglect is the most likely reason not to cover AC damages. Failing to replace dirty air filters, remove debris and dirt from around the unit, and not recharge refrigerant levels are all things to check routinely. If you fail to do this, the warranty serviceman will notice this, leading to costly repairs on your end.

Weather damages are also typically not covered in warranty protection. However, you can get additional insurance that covers them in this respect.

STAT: On average, standard air conditioner repairs cost between $125 to $459. (source)

When Will the Home Warranty Replace the Air Conditioner FAQs

Is it worth the money to get a warranty for your HVAC system?

If your AC is in good condition and you don't plan on living in the same spot for multiple years, it may be worth going uninsured.

How much does a home warranty usually cost?

Most home warranties, which cover all common household appliances, cost between $400 to $700 annually. Additionally, most charge a service call fee of $50 to $100.

At what age is an HVAC system considered old?

Most ACs are considered old once they reach around the 15-year mark. At this point, you should consider a replacement because sometimes it's a better financial decision to get a new one instead of keeping an old AC unit running.
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