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DNA iPhone 4 Case

It’s sickening how many iPhone cases there are on the market.  You can choose from the cheap to the ultra expensive.  Take for example Case-mate’s Titantium Premium case.  It costs a whopping $300.  Hardly worth the price based on the materials alone, but since it’s produced in limited quantities it’s a supply and demand scenario, though that’s Case-mate’s fabrication.  But despite the over inflated price, the idea of a feather weight case has its attractive qualities.  So what’s one to do?

The DNA Case weighs less than 1oz (25g) and will cost just $50 when it goes into production.  It’s currently a Kickstarter.com project, but they’ve already doubled their goal of $5k, so it’s pretty much a guarantee that it will go into production.

Much like Colorware’s iPad Grip Case you’ll need to use a screw driver to install it – extra screws and screwdriver included.  And for the record it’s not a case.  In fact it’s a bumper that protects the edges of the iPhone 4.  What you can’t see is integrated rubber bumpers that should protect if from dings and drops.  All of the ports remain accessible.

No word on an official launch date, but we’re assuming September since they’ve already achieved their funding goal.  You’ll be able to choose from a black, white, aluminum (pictured), and limited edition chrome finish, though the latter will be slightly more heavy.

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