DJ Bikes Folding Review

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Updated January 27, 2023
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What do you consider important in the best electric bike? Is a folding bike on top of the list? When it comes to folding bikes, the DJ Bikes Folding bike by DJ Bikes can fold down in just a few moments, allowing it to take a compact shape that can fit in the trunk of a car or in the closet when not in use. We loved the 750w Bafang motor and Mozo suspension fork, both of which offer a smooth ride over gravel and other difficult terrain types, in addition to making this bike excel with climbing steep inclines. All of that is what made it one of the best gravel e-bikes currently on the market.

Why We Like It – DJ Bikes Folding

The folding design of the DJ Bikes Folding bike offers a compact form factor, allowing it to be easily stored when not in use, with an attractive and durable aluminum frame and a beefy motor that excels across multiple terrain types and with climbing steep hills. A great budget option for a foldable hunting bike is the CIVI Bikes e-bike. But if you want a standard bike, go for the Cyclamatic Power Plus CX1 electric mountain bike review.

  • Attractive and durable aluminum frame
  • 750w motor excels on steep hills
  • Mozo suspension fork and Tektro brakes
  • Requires fair bit of assembly

Durability & Build Quality

This is a step-thru electric bike design, however, and it isn’t built to accommodate taller-than-average riders. In other words, it can only comfortably fit a rider up to around 6’2”. Additionally, it requires a fair amount of assembly upon receipt, though instructions are included. The DJ folding bike is made of high-quality aluminum, and as the name implies, the bike can be folded, it’s likely the only electric bicycle that can be folded though that’s not a definitive claim. The brand DJ bikes is a semi-well-known mountain bike brand known for its high-quality warranty. Despite the first glances, the LED Bike Light suspension fork has enough room to take the brunt of the shock when landing, paired with its special tires, most drops are far more manageable than on the Giant Revolt E+ Pro.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

Behind the bike’s speed is the Bafang 750w power motor; it’s still reportedly a comfortable ride and gets the job done. The one area that could be worth paying more for is hydraulic brakes, which tend to be easier to pull. At peak power, this motor offers up to 65-newton meters of torque and is peppy enough to quickly get going from a dead stop. In pedal assist mode, the motor responds to a cadence sensor with 12 magnets, which has a higher resolution than the common 6 and 8 magnet cadence sensors but is still pretty slow to detect the starting and stopping of pedaling compared to a torque sensor. The Shimano gear shifter is their SIS Index Thumb Shifter on the right. What about a bike that is good for the city? Read the DJ fat bike review. For another foldable, fat-tire option, you can check out the ECOTRIC fat tire folding electric bike. However, if you need a bike with a high load capacity, the E-Cells Super Monarch Crown has an impressive 400 lb. limit, but it should be noted that the bike itself is very heavy at 92 lbs.

Range & Battery

Powered by a Samsung 48V lithium-ion motor battery with a tail light ready for use. The taillight automatically powers up whenever the lights are toggled on and actually gets brighter when the brake levers are depressed… That’s a really unique feature for a more affordable e-bike, something I don’t see very often.

Safety features

The Tektro disc brakes are safe and efficient, and the durable aluminum frame is aesthetically pleasing. Has motor inhibitors that help ensure the shortest possible stopping distance, this is a good safety feature and especially important on bikes like this that have a cadence sensor, which can have a slow response time to starting and stopping the motor. The most popular style is the Pearl White LED Bike Light, a white version of the bike with a brake light making riding at night safer than most other bikes such as the Specialized Turbo Creo SL. Additionally, if safety is a concern of yours, the Biktrix Juggernaut Classic HD is packed with plenty of safety features like dual piston brakes, fenders, lights, and more.


This is a family-run Canadian brand that goes above and beyond with service and communication while keeping the price of hardware as low as possible. According to reviewers, the City Bike was incredibly easy to assemble, and everything fit together nicely. However, some complained, comparing the bike to LEGOs. Like the Yamaha Wabash, any repairs you need to do or have done can be taken to any bike shop, thanks to the widespread and standardized parts of the DJ bikes.

DJ Bikes Folding Wrap Up

The assembly is a con, mostly due to most reviews making it a point of complaint, while we can’t necessarily speak on putting the bike together, it’s probably a safe assumption that someone who’s passionate about bikes won’t mind the assembly, they might even see it as a plus to go with the motor and frame.

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