Admittedly, there aren’t a lot of reasons to own a watch these days. There are clocks everywhere, in our computers and on our person, so really, we don’t need to independently track the time these days. On the other hand, watches look cool, and they don’t come cooler-looking that Division Furtive’s Type 50.

Light Watch

First of all, it’s surprisingly energy efficient; you’ll only read the watch when you’re looking directly at it, and the rest of the time the display will be in sleep mode. Admittedly, how it tells you the time is not exactly precise; the chronometer is split into hours up top and minutes down below, and a light pulse tells you the exact minute. Also interesting is how it actually determines the time; you turn your phone up to full brightness and lay your watch on it to set the time.

In The Zone

Also interesting are the various features that can be incorporated. For example, you can put up to three time zones on the watch, which, if you’ve ever had to reset the time zone on a smartphone, you know that’s an incredibly useful feature. And, since it’s crammed full of LEDs, you can flip them all on at once for a flashlight mode.

Watch This


Admittedly, this watch is more for fashion than it’s utility; even learning how to program it, you might wonder why you should bother. The answer, of course, is that it’s ridiculously cool to have an LED watch on your wrist. Better act fast, though; there are only 1000 available, through the Kickstarter, and the early bird prices are already climbing.

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