Disney Streaming Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Disney Plus fits the bill of nostalgic fun by giving viewers access to Disney’s enormous content library. In this Disney Plus Review, we found it to be great for families, kids, and Disney-lovers of any age. That’s why it’s one of the best streaming services available.

Why We Like It – Disney Streaming Review

Disney Plus streaming service may be a new streaming service but it doesn’t feel new at all because of Disney’s massive content library. With classic Disney movies, Marvel movies, Star Wars, and Pixar all in one place, it’s hard to resist.

  • Access to Disney, Pixar, Marvel, and Star Wars content
  • Easy to use and navigate
  • Easily bundled with Hulu, ESPN Plus

  • Disney hasn’t released all of its content yet

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Disney Plus content is truly unique, in that we all have seen most of it already and love it. The only difference is that all of it is available on demand in one place. Whether it’s Disney Pixar films like Toy Story or original content like High School Musical, credit Disney for giving everyone a lot of options.

Aside from the favorites we already know, Disney is giving platforms like Netflix a run for its money by developing original content and original series just for this platform. Yes, that includes a new high school series based off of the hit movie mentioned above.

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The home screen is pretty intuitive and gives viewers options of TV shows and movies to watch. It’s very easy to use on your smart TV and has a pretty common sense and easy to use user interface. As expected, expect no less than the best from Disney.


It’s hard to compare the value of Disney Plus to other streaming services like Amazon Prime Video streaming service or Netflix streaming service. Prime Video has the added benefit of Amazon Prime, but does that really compare to being able to watch the Lion King on demand? Apple TV is another consideration, but it doesn’t have the vast library built up over decades that Disney does.

Disney Streaming Review Wrap Up

Any Disney review is difficult because, how do you review Disney? Naturally, Disney Plus has not disappointed in its release and has the added benefit of the ability to package a subscription with Hulu streaming service and ESPN Plus. If you love Disney movies, Star War, and Marvel, then a subscription to Disney streaming is a no brainer.

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