DISH introduces Google Nest Hello To Hopper

DISH has a new addition to Hopper and Wally connected TVs.  The Google Nest Hello Video doorbell. This means that DISH customers can get on-screen notifications on Hopper and Wally-connected TVs whenever their Nest Hello doorbell is pressed. You can see who is at the door in an instant.  Pretty cool right? And this comes with no extra cost. This news adds some points to DISH in the DirecTV vs DISH network debate.

DISH Just Got Even Better

This makes DISH the first pay-TV provider in history to integrate a Google Nest device into its ecosystem of products. But it doesn’t end there. This announcement is just the first in a series of Google Nest integrations that are coming to the Hopper platform. They are always upping their game, like when they introduced the DISH Anywhere app. You can read about our DISH Anywhere app review.

Say Hello To Nest Hello

Once you pair your Google Nest account with your DISH Hopper or Wally receiver, you will receive on-screen notifications, including an image, when your Nest Hello doorbell has been activated by visitors. The Nest Hello feature is available to all broadband-connected Hopper and Wally receivers right now and support for Joey is slowly rolling out right now as well.

More Google Nest Integrations On The Way

It will be interesting to see what other Google Nest integrations will be coming to the Hopper soon. But for now, it’s great to be able to see who’s at the door while watching your favorite movies or TV shows or while watching the World Cup.

Rob Sadler, DISH director of product management said, “Google Nest on Hopper is about giving our customers added choice and control over their home environment — with the subtle on-screen alerts delivered by the Nest Hello, customers are better equipped to hit pause and take action right away,” Rob also added, “This is just the beginning of a powerful relationship with Google Nest and their vast portfolio of products.”

It sounds like we can expect a lot more Google Nest integration which is sure to please DISH customers. You may also want to check out our DISH vs DirecTV channel guide if you aren’t currently a DISH subscriber. And how to program a DISH network remote.

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