DISH, DirecTV and Other Pay TV Providers Lost 1 Million Subscribers In Q1 of 2017

If you’ve got plans to cut the cord, you’re not alone. According to a report that emerged last week, the Pay TV big boys lost a combined 1 million paying subscribers in the first quarter of 2017. That’s a hefty number to say the least.

But honestly, it’s not all that surprising as Netflix and those alike continue to amass subscribers. Moreover, customer sentiment is largely negative when it comes to Pay TV, as the bulk of the channels go under utilized, leaving a sense of what some might call buyer’s remorse.

So you’re probably wondering who lost what? Well, according to Wall Street research firm Moffett Nathanson said that ” the losses hitting Dish Network, DirecTV, and AT&T particularly hard.” To be more specific, DISH supposedly lost 196,000 subscriber, DirecTV 156,000 and AT&T (formerly U-Verse) 195,000. And don’t forget that AT&T now owns DirecTV, so they got hit particularly hard, losing over a combined 300,000 subscribers. Of course you still need an Internet connection, so AT&T was probably able to hedge some of their bets.

So what’s your game plan for cutting the cord? Or perhaps you’re an NFL junkie and can’t live without satellite, such as DirecTV. In this day and age, it’s realistic to cut the cord, provided you’re willing to forgo some of the live TV benefits that largely circle around sports and sacrifice shows that have yet to make it to the streaming space.

That all being said, Disney just announced they’re ending their deal with Netflix in a few years and investing massively in the same company that manages and built HBO Now and the MLB’s streaming service.

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