DirecTV Internet Packages: The Ultimate Internet Bundling Experience

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Updated June 27, 2022

DIRECTV offers DIRECTV Internet Packages for both new and existing customers. Their packages include amenities, such as phone services for both local and national calls, high-speed Internet, and satellite TV. This guide will help you gain more insight into the benefits of purchasing Internet through DIRECTV.

Subscribing to a DIRECTV + Internet bundle is one of the most cost-effective ways to get value out of a double play package from your satellite TV service. This will not only allow you save money, but also time—in addition to bundling several great features into a single package.


The satellite television service from DIRECTV allows you to enjoy your favorite entertainment channels, maximizing your TV experience. They do this with both interactive features and DIRECTV On Demand. Also, it enables you to connect all your devices with a high-speed Internet service. DIRECTV provides internet through some of the US’s leading providers, such as AT&T.

How DIRECTV Internet Packages Work

DIRECTV Internet allows you to combine your TV service, Internet, and landline all together in one bill. At the same time, it eliminates the hassle of making multiple calls for separate services. DIRECTV has also collaborated with several companies in the county that provide high-speed internet. And they offer some attractive multi-service bundles that will not only leave you feeling unencumbered, but immensely satisfied. For instance, partnering with the AT&T family lets you bundle satellite TV with lightning fast Internet.

DIRECTV Packages

DIRECTV packages allow you to have access to all of the most popular movie, sports and regular television channels. Depending on your budget and viewing preferences, you can choose the right package to fit your lifestyle. And each option features numerous extras and channels. These options ensure that you get an unparalleled entertainment experience. As mentioned before, you can bundle the packages with high-speed Internet service to enjoy a fully connected home entertainment adventure.

The combination of DIRECTV with high-speed Internet serves as a venue for you to enjoy multiple forms of entrainment at once. You can surf the web during the commercial breaks whether you’re watching a TV series or movie. DIRECTV also collaborates with leading providers like HughesNet, Century Link, and Verizon, offering you more bundling options from various price points.

More Entertainment on More Devices

DIRECTV Internet gives you an opportunity to make the most out of your entertainment experience. After bundling, you can use many of your favorite devices to stream live TV through DIRECTV Everywhere in any part of your home that is supported by your home’s Wi-Fi connection. So, while watching your favorite TV show, you can enjoy second-screen surfing on your tablet or smartphone.

Using the DIRECTV Everywhere app on your tablet or smartphone, you can explore DIRECTV package lineups and new features while you’re away from home. Therefore, you can experience the freedom of watching TV from anywhere when you bundle with DIRECTV.

Keep Your Devices Connected at Blazing Speeds

The high-speed Internet package will enable you to tap into additional DirecTV features and programming, keeping you connected to all online entertainment, social media, shopping, gaming, and news.

Below are just a few benefits of why you should consider purchasing one of the DirecTV Internet packages:

Save time

DIRECTV packages offer a one-stop shopping site for you to gain access to all if the entertainment you love, as well as the high-speed Internet you dream of. There is no reason to spend hours shopping around for different Internet and TV providers when one of the best options is right in front of you.

The DIRECTV + Internet bundle offers several options that help you get the most out of a DirecTV internet package. Here are just a few of the features included:

  • The DIRECTV On Demand feature allows you to access over 10,000 hit blockbuster movies and TV shows.
  • The free DIRECTV Everywhere app enables you to stream live TV on your mobile devices.
  • The enhanced Genie HD DVR lets you enjoy a full HD DVR experience on each television within your home.
  • The on-screen TV app allows you to watch videos on YouTube and share what you are watching with friends on Twitter and Facebook at the same time.

So the point is that you can improve your home entertainment experience, save money, and save time by purchasing a DIRECTV Internet bundle.

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