DIRECTV for RV’s: A Home Away From Home

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Updated June 27, 2022

Having an RV means you have, quite literally, a home away from home, especially with DIRECTV for RV’s. You have the benefit of traveling anywhere wheels can take you, seeing the countryside, exploring the beaches, breathing in the crisp mountain air, and coming back to your home after long days of adventuring. With your best RV mattress, you’ll just need cable to never have to leave your RV. To make the best choice in your cable provider, take a look at our Comcast vs Dish network comparison.

If you haven’t made a choice, read directv vs dish network.

So, what do we all like to do when we get back from a long day of exerting energy? Or when we’ve been driving all day, and just want to relax? We want to kick back, and watch our favorite TV series or movie.

In the past, those two concepts certainly weren’t compatible, but luckily, we have that option now—the option of making a home away from home that much more comfortable.

DIRECTV for RV’s: The Choice Mobile Package

And who provides such an innovative service? Well, DIRECTV does of course! The Choice Mobile package offered by DIRECTV allows you and your family to become even closer after a long day of bonding through newly shared experiences. Or if you want to go on a vacation, but really don’t want to miss a sports game between your favorite team and their rival, DirecTV offers more sports in HD than any other provider.

What Does the Choice Mobile Package Offer?

The DIRECTV Choice Mobile Package offers more that 185 channels, including Bravo, CNN, the Disney Channel, ESPN, TLC, VH1, The Weather Channel and more for DirecTV for RV’s. And no matter where you go, you’ll be able to watch all the local channels that residents of the same area are watching too.

For those who like to stay up-to-date on current events, a broadcast network service is available for an extra fifteen dollars a month, called DNS (Distant Network Service). Distant Network Service consists of six channels—ABC, CBS, FOX, a NBC network feed from New York or Los Angeles, and a CW network feed from either San Diego or Washington D.C., and a PBS feed.

What are the Options for DirecTV for RV’s?

The least expensive way to get DIRECTV for RV’s is by purchasing a tripod to use in conjunction with a DIRECTV receiver and a satellite dish mount on the roof. If you order an extra receiver, you don’t have to keep unplugging the receiver every time you move from location to location, you would just have to set up the tripod. If you’re someone who isn’t constantly on the move when you’re traveling in an RV, and likes to camp for days at a time, this will be pretty easy because you wont have to set it up very frequently.

If you’re someone who is frequently moving around, it’s probably best to purchase a satellite antenna, which you mount to the roof of your RV. If you go this route, there are three different distributors of this type of model that DIRECTV works with—King Controls, KVH Industries, and Winegard.

King Controls

The new King Controls King Quest is the least expensive antenna if you’re looking to go this route. The Quest is a fully automatic satellite TV antenna made exclusively for DIRECTV, and it can be used in one of two ways. Either you can mount it to the roof of your RV permanently, or it can be used as a portable antenna. Although the Quest is not compatible with SWM receivers, you can, however, use it with multiple TV viewing. It comes with mounting feet, 30 inches of coax cable, and a power injector. This antenna is not compatible with HD Channels.

KVH Industries

From KVH Industries, you can either purchase the TracVision RV1 or TracVision A9 satellite TV antennae systems, both of which are compatible with HDTV. They both come with a satellite TV receiver for DIRECTV and TV-Hub web interface. These are much more expensive, but the quality of your entertainment on the road will be much more enjoyable. The TracVision RV1, is less expensive, but is only compatible with KU-band services. The TracVision A9 satellite TV antenna is only five inches high, which means the clearance level of your vehicle will be much lower. It also automatically switches between the KA-band and KU-band satellite services, so you don’t have to change back and forth between those satellite services yourself.


With Winegard, you can purchase your roof-mount antenna, or dish & tripod kit, along with your DIRECTV subscription, which makes this route not only easy, but also less expensive because when you purchase these in conjunction with each other, you can get up a $150 cash back rebate. There are three different roof-mount models you can choose from, and one dish & tripod kit. Winegard also offers five different DirecTV packages that you can pick from to fit your entertainment needs.

All in all, if you’re an RV travel enthusiast, DIRECTV is definitely one of the best ways to relax after long drives, or after being outside all day. Although it may seem a little pricey, it is definitely worth it!