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Diono Stroller Fan Review

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Updated January 25, 2022
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Have you gone through countless amounts of clip-on battery operated stroller fans, but none of them actually could attach to the stroller properly? Well, then the Diono Stroller Fan is for you. It features a well-built clip that makes the fan easy to clip on to most surfaces, including most strollers. And other components around it are decent enough to make it the best fan at the price it comes in.

Why We Like It – Diono Stroller Fan

The clip of a battery operated stroller fan is a massive part of the fan itself. A cheap stroller fan usually comes with a lousy clip that can’t attach the fan to some surfaces, scratch up or damage that surface, or outright just break themselves. But the Diono Stroller fan comes with an excellent quality clip that can attach the fan to virtually any stroller out there and doesn’t break easily at all.

  • Durable and good quality clip
  • Button controls
  • Cover to protect kids from injuries
  • No fan speed controls


It’s decently powerful in terms of the airflow it offers. It doesn’t have any speed controls even though it has multiple buttons, which is a bit of a shame. Obviously, this tiny battery operated fan is not going to be enough for an adult. But it’s more than enough for cooling down your little one. If you need something more powerful with stronger airflow, go for the BLUBOON Clip On Fan.

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Even though the clip is very well built, the other parts of the fan really aren’t. The neck that is supposed to be flexible is very flimsy and tends to break quite easily while adjusting. The same goes for the fan cover and the fan itself. If you need a fan that is built better, go for the OPOLAR Clip Fan.

Noise/Sound Level

One area where these cheap stroller fans don’t disappoint is in the noise section. As always, it’s very quiet throughout and doesn’t annoy the baby with obnoxiously loud sounds or with white noise.

Versatility/Modern Features

The grooved notches on the clip give it stability on a stroller. However, on a flatter surface, you’ll have trouble keeping the fan stable. This battery operated fan won’t stay stable on surfaces like car seats, desks, etc. And the cover works well, preventing kids from sticking their fingers into the blades. If you really need a fan that can be set up on any surface, take a look at the Amacool Tripod Stroller Fan.


The Diono Stroller Fan overall is an excellent value for money purchase if you have kids. It’s both sold and shipped directly by Amazon, so you get many benefits such as the ability to use gift cards and free shipping. And surprisingly, you even get a limited warranty on it, with decent enough customer service.

Diono Stroller Fan Wrap Up

The Diono Stroller Fan will be good enough for most who have a kid to take care of. But you can get better fans at a higher price.

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