DinghyGo 2 Inflatable Boat Gives You Many Ways To Get Around


While many of us enjoy the idea of riding on a boat, many more of us also don’t particularly want a yacht. Instead, we want a small, portable boat that we can load in a car… and the DinghyGo 2 is designed to scratch that particular vehicular itch. You could always get the best remote control boat for kids.

Yes, You Are, In Fact, On A Boat

The idea is that you have a sailboat with less frustration. The DinghyGo, designed by Aquacrafts, basically takes the annoying fees and storage problems out of owning a boat. Just pull it out, pump it up, raise the sail, and you’re off, heading down a river. No marina fees, no arguing with other boating enthusiasts, and no boat trailers. The whole nine-foot boat, in fact, packs into two bags weighing 66 lb. total, and can be set up on the boat ramp in less than five minutes. OK, so that’s not exactly light, but it’s a lot less annoying that using a boat trailer.

Easy Navigation

It’s a surprisingly durable craft, too, able to take on 1100 pounds. A nice touch is that it’s light and versatile enough to give you multiple methods of locomotion. There’s the tradition sail, of course, but you can also attach a motor if you just want to get somewhere, or if you want some exercise, rowing is also an option.

Rocking The Boat


That said, though, the DingyGo is designed for versatility and fun, not speed or stability. The lack of a rigid hull or a rigid frame means you’ll have to be careful where, precisely, you sail your dinghy. But isn’t that always the case? True, at $3,525, the DinghyGo 2 isn’t cheap, although there is a slightly cheaper version that’s seven feet long, and saves you a grand total of… $250. So, yeah, maybe you should go for the full boat on this one.

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