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Digitsole Keeps Your Toes Nice And Warm During Winter

Winters can be pretty harsh on your feet. Walking to work with cold feet isn’t fun, which is why the brains behind Digitsole came up with their own solution to battling chilly toes. As the first connected insole out there, the Digitsole will warm your feet on cold, chilly days. The insole is controlled from your smartphone, allowing you to turn on or off the heat with a push of a button on its app screen. It’s compatible with both iOS and Android devices vis Bluetooth 4.0. You can even adjust the temperature of each sole separately, so you can find the perfect temp for each of your feet. And if the temp drops in one of the insoles below the preset setting, its built-in thermostat will adjust to a pre-programmed temperatures so you don’t have to do anything but walk as your feet warms up.


But the Digitsole does more than just warm your feet – it can track how many calories you’ve burned and your distance walked. All you have to do is enter your height and weight into the app and then its sensor system will provide precise tracking stats that will be delivered to the app for you to analyze. Digitsole is great for when you’re out snowboarding or skiing or just when you’re walking to work in the snow. It replaces any insole and is thin and comfortable to wear all day long.


The insole feats a shock heel system that softens the shock and spreads the vibrations of the foot that often occurs when you walk and run. Its flex zone section is placed near your toes and will optimize the natural movement of your feet, while offering great arch support. Tbe Super Early Bird price is still available on its Kickstarter campaign and can get you a pair of Digitsoles for only $99, but if you’re out of luck and too late, then it goes up to $149 (or $179 for Christmas delivery; otherwise you’ll get yours in January).


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