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The Digital Electronic Display 2.5 inch electric alarm clock is among one of our Best Alarm Clock. This square design is perfect for any bedroom cabinet. It is wide enough to add some decorations on the top. There is a bright time display in the center of the wooden cube. If you want to find more of the best digital models, please consider checking out the Travelway Home LED Digital Alarm Clock.

Why We Like It – Digital Electronic Display 2 5 inch Electric Review

This digital alarm clock has quite a unique design. There aren’t many alarm clocks that are shaped like a box, so this will definitely stand out in your room. This alarm clock has a dual alarm system so you can set up multiple alarms throughout your day.

  • Weekday Mode
  • Adjustable brightness levels
  • Not really feeling the boxy design


You have three options for alarms in this device to best suit your schedule. You can set up a weekday mode and a weekend mode. This device is powered by USB, but it does have the ability to run on batteries and it is not recommended by the manufacturer. You are free to adjust the brightness on this device to your pleasure. I would not be surprised if people found this device’s design mundane, so please consider a more visually appealing device like the LBell LB01 Sunrise Alarm Clock because it has a sunrise and sunset simulator as its display.


This digital alarm clock comes in three colors black, brown, and white. It does not have specific details of the day compared to the American Lifetime Premium Day Clock. The brightness level adjuster ensures that you will not be woken up by bright lights in the middle of the night or morning. This is a simple alarm clock, it may not be the best option for people that desire the most out of their devices.


This is an inexpensive alarm clock that will do its job just fine. It doubles up as unique decor for a bedroom or elsewhere. This is not the type of model that comes with several trinkets; it has alarm options, a brightness adjuster, and that’s essentially it. What was an odd touch about this device is the lack of volume control, which is a miss for some people that desire to control the volume of their alarms rather than being abruptly woken up by a loud alarm every time.

Digital Electronic Display 2 5 inch Electric Review Wrap Up

This ranked among one of the best digital alarm clocks because people found its simple but unique design useful. This box-shaped clock will set up to three alarms for you, but it won’t let you adjust the volume. This is the perfect housewarming gift to buy for someone if you are on a budget.

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