Diamondback Mountain Bike Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Allowing little girls to grow out from their kid bikes to something more compatible and capable, the Diamondback Mountain Bike comes with a bunch of features that you’ll definitely like. Starting with 21 gears to browse through and some strong brakes, the bikes can now be taken up hills and be rode at a number of different speeds. You also get some great wheels along with a solid and durable frame that will make sure that the bike sticks by. And while you may not get a kickstand or an easy assembly process, the Diamondback Mountain Bike may just be one of the best bikes you can get as your daughter’s intermediate bike.

Why We Like It – Diamondback Mountain Bike

As your daughter grows up, she will grow out of her older bikes, changing from kid bikes to something more appropriate. And just to make sure you don’t have a hard time finding the right bike, Diamondback Brings to you it’s Tess 24 Mountain Bike. It comes with everything you can ask for ranging from a steel frame, aluminum wheels, a good suspension fork, great brakes and most importantly 21 different gears to go through. And so with all that and a pretty great design, the Diamondback Mountain Bike may just be the next bike for your daughter.

  • 21 Speed gear shift
  • Sturdy and durable build
  • Great fork suspension
  • Hard to assemble
  • No kickstand


Standing strong at it’s foundation, the Diamondback Mountain Bike(Tess 24) comes with a heavy duty steel frame, which although makes the bike a bit heavy, is durable enough to make sure the bike doesn’t get damaged easily. The steel frame also makes the bike more affordable than one with a carbon frame. Further contributing to that, the HL Zoom 24-Inch full suspension fork makes sure that your daughter has a smooth experience of riding with the 40mm of travel. Our Cannondale Hooligan review also highlights an elegant bike that would definitely turn heads everywhere you cycle it.

Moving onto the wheels helping all of this stand up, you get 24-Inch wheels which are made of aluminum and 36 spokes made of 14g of stainless steel. Paired with the 32h R-alloy rims and the knobby tires you get a smooth riding experience thanks to the absorbing of bumps and better traction with the surface. Now, while the tires aren’t like the fat tires on other mountain bikes like the Mongoose Dolomite Mountain Bike, they still allow for enough friction to climb inclined surfaces thanks to the 21 combinations of gears and the great brakes you get.

Unlike the 7 gears on the Mongoose Dolomite fat bike, the Diamondback Tess 24 comes with 21 gears with its Shimano Revo M310 shifters. The shifters allow you to switch between a wide range of gears with your thumb and index finger, allowing you to quickly adapt to a speed or surface you want to ride on. Added with this, like other mountain bikes Diamondback has released, you get some good brakes, which are linear pull alloy brakes giving your daughter enough power to stop the bike no matter the speed. And although they aren’t as effective as hydraulic disc brakes or the mechanical disk brakes like that of the Diamondback el oso or Diamondback Overdrive, it is more than enough for a bike for someone just starting out in the intermediate level.

On the other hand, this Diamondback bike does come with a few drawbacks, the first of it being the not so easy assembly process. Like the other diamondback mountain bikes, the Tess 24 also comes partially assembled but even with the instruction manual and toolbox, it is fairly difficult to set up. You can go through our Dynamic Bicycles Tempo Cross 8 review for a chainless bike that is easy to assemble. But, you can simply take it to the local bike shop to get everything fixed up and ready for riding, making it not that big a compromise. Apart from that, you might also want to get an additional kickstand if you can, as with none provided it will be hard for your daughter to keep the bike upright somewhere as she stops somewhere.

As for comfortability, with the Junior ATB 2-panel as the saddle and a steel constructed post, the Seat on the Tess 24 is as comfortable as most Diamondback bicycles.


With the steel frame instead of the usual aluminum frame, this Diamondback Mountain Bike makes for one of the best Diamondback experiences as per bike reviews on amazon com. It comes with a wide range of features on its 24 Inch frame perfect for girls growing out from kid bikes, including size variants to fit girls of heights ranging from 5 feet 3Inches to 6 feet 2 Inches. The Tess 24 also comes with a good head tube angle, helping the suspension absorb in more of the impact to protect you. And finally, as like almost every other one of the Diamondback Bikes, the Tess 24 is also available in a number of colours for a good aesthetic look.


Priced at about $250, the Tess 24 is much cheaper than all of the Diamondback Road bikes, and although it doesn’t have tires like fat bikes, it still manages to be great for a little bit of mountain biking for your daughter. And with it’s only notable drawbacks being the lack of a kickstand and a difficult assembly process, this Diamondback Mountain Bike still makes for a great value bike at this price range. Although, for a better road bike experience and something for simply commuting, do check out the Tommaso Bike and SixThreeZero Bike respectively for some amazing prices.

Diamondback Mountain Bike Wrap Up

With a good, simple but elegant design the Diamondback Tess 24 offers everything ranging from a wide range of gears and even some good brakes. Paired with knobby tires and solid wheels capable of great traction and smooth riding, the Diamondback Mountain Bike is one of the best diamondback bikes you can get out there, that too in a great design for an amazing value. If you’re looking for a compact bike for yourself, check out the Schwinn Loop Foldable Bike but for your daughters or nieces’ next bike, the Diamondback Mountain Bike may just be the perfect choice.