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If you’re sick of unsuccessfully picking up sawdust and wood chips, then you need the best shop vac for the job: the DeWalt Vacuum. It not only sucks up large debris, thanks to its 6.5 peak horsepower, but also does a swell job cleaning up wet messes. It even has a built-in blower port!

Why We Like It – DeWalt Vacuum

Operating with 6.5 peak horsepower and 16 gallon capacity, the DeWalt Vacuum is ruggedly built to tackle large pick-up jobs, like wood chips, blow away sawdust, or suck up a water spill.

  • 16 gallon capacity
  • 6.5 peak horsepower
  • Built-in blower port
  • Have to purchase filter bags
  • Power cord is a bit short


The DeWalt DXV16PA Corded Wet Dry Vacuum needs a lot of power to pull off everything it can do. So what did DeWalt do? They added 6.5 peak horsepower to it, giving it excellent suction power, a must-have for picking up wood chips and water. The Bosch Vacuum, however, has the unique ability of sucking up dust while power tools are in operation.

Speed & Efficiency

Having a Dewalt Vacuum DXV16PA is far more efficient than a DeWalt cordless vacuum like the DeWalt DCV581H Cordless Wet Dry Vacuum, which uses a lithium ion to power its functions. This is because power is constant, while battery-powered models suffer from waning performance.

Bin Capacity & Maintenance

Typical of shop vacs, the DeWalt Vacuum has an enormous 16-gallon capacity, three times more than the Karcher WD4. That’s a lot of debris and water to collect, so make full use of it. However, debris is collected inside a dust bag. That reduces maintenance significantly, but at a price.


It’s not that the DeWalt Max Cordless Corded Shop Vacuum isn’t durable, it’s just that the DeWalt Vacuum DXV16PA is more so. It’s handling a lot more debris than its cordless brother, with thick rubber casters and large wheels to keep it moving along without a fuss. The Ridgid Vacuum Cleaner, however, is stainless steel.


Like DeWalt power tools, you can’t argue with the vacuum’s value here. A 16-gallon shop vac that can suck up water, debris, and be used as a blower? And it’s under $200? Sign us up! That alone is price of admission. However, you’ll have to purchase filter bags along the way. It’s unavoidable.

DeWalt Vacuum Wrap Up

Picking up a DeWalt Vacuum is like getting a hold of a golden egg; it provides so much for such an affordable price. Where else are you going to find a 16-gallon, 6.5 peak horsepower shop vac that can suck up water and dirt, while also having a built-in blower for under $200? All you have to worry about is purchasing dust bags.

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