Devel Sixteen Pushes Out 5,000 HP, Top Speed of 348 MPH (video)

Yeah you read that title right! The Devel Sixteen is said to use a 5,000-hp V16 engine according to its Dubai-based backers. It’s also supposed to sprint from 0-62 mph in just 1.8 seconds before topping out at 348 mph. Sounds like the ultimate sports car, right? Well there seems to be some problems with engineering such a beast. It took VW lots of years to get 1,000 hp from their Bugatti Veyron that sports a 8.0-litter quad-turbocharged W16 engine without having to use a Formula One-style engine teardown every time it was driven. Then several more years for them to get an additional 200 hp from that, with each Veyron sold a a multi-million dollar loss to top it all off.

Then there’s the trouble in actually reaching 350 hp (which is practically like two football fields when traveling at that speed), which translates to not many places where you can burn rubber to get the full effect of all that power. But the biggest problem is that there are no road-legal tires out on the market at the moment capable of handling such massive speeds. Besides its alleged speed, it does feature some stunning exterior design cues. If the Batmobile and a Bugatti had a child, the Devel Sixteen would probably be its spawn (but inspiration was also taken from the Lamborghini Veneno and Pagani Huayra), while inside, there’s a resemblance to a Koenigsegg.

devel sixteen

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  1. Author, you’re writing about the Devel, but you get side tracked way too much. And the first sentence in the second paragraph is baffling. Your article is simply not coherent.

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