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Updated July 5, 2022
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Going to the doctor can be a big inconvenience. More often than not, you have to schedule around work and a busy schedule. There’s just not enough time in the day to throw health problems in the mix. DermCheck understands that, and that’s why they’ve made an app to give you access to an on-demand dermatologist. For another free app, check out our review on how does Tindr work or what is Tindr. Or if you need help studying for the bar, you’ll want to read our BarMax MBE Questions app review too. For another high quality phone app, you should also check out how Waze’s “road goodies” makes a game of GPS improvement. You may also read our list of the best software apps today!

There’s no more need to schedule an appointment and waste a couple of hours at the doctor’s office for skin conditions. With DermCheck, all you have to do is snap a few photos of your skin problem and submit them. You’ll get a detailed diagnosis just a day later. If you want another high quality app, you should also read our review of the smart record app. Sounds like voodoo, right? It isn’t. It’s a system that works really well, saving you both time and money. Check out one of the best free weather apps for Android to make sure your weather needs are covered as well. If you like this app, you may also like our Pogoseat review, which allows you to upgrade your seat with zero friction.


DermCheck on the iPhone
DermCheck is an excellent solution to make those nerving doctor appointments so much easier.

My initial impression of DermCheck was that an appointment would be conducted over video streaming a la FaceTime or Google Hangouts. That wasn’t the case, and it’s actually even more convenient than that. It’s a simple process: just snap a few photos of your skin problem and then submit them to your online dermatologist. It’s that easy! You’ll have your results and a prescription sent over to the Pharmacy of your choice within 24 hours.

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There’s no need to skip work or a family function. You don’t have to pencil in any appointments into your busy schedule at all. But for notifications on your smartphone, and especially if you’re a socialite, or just bored often, the best Twitter apps for Android that are highly customizable in their look will do you good.

Money Saving

Another great aspect about DermCheck is that an appointment is only going to run you about $40, whereas many office visits cost upwards of $250. That price tag is likely to increase if the doctor ends up removing a mole or some other skin obstruction.

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Not happy with your DermCheck appointment? That’s OK, if you’re not satisfied, DermCheck will refund your money. I thought this was a nice Satisfaction Guarantee to offer, considering that virtual appointments are out of the ordinary. That said, those skeptical or unsure about their appointment can quickly and easily get their cash back.

The Diagnosis

DermCheck Consultation Setup
A quick look at the convenient DermCheck consultation process.

The process of getting your diagnosis is quite simple. All you have to do is tap “Start Your Consultation,” take a few photos of your skin problem, such as cystic acne, answer a couple of medical history questions, and then submit the information. The information sent in is then reviewed, and a Treatment Plan is sent to your account. It’s a very easy process, and requires little time investment.

It’s also worth noting that the photos sent in are looked over by an actual Dermatologist and not a computer program.

What’s particularly convenient is that prescriptions are sent to your pharmacy of choice within 24 hours, and then you can pick it up just as if you had visited a doctor in-person.


DermCheck overall is a great solution for quick doctor’s visits, at least as far as skin problems are concerned. It’s currently available in CA, NY, NH, TN, FL, MD, WA, MI, NM, and PA. DermCheck will be available in 38 states by the end of March.

If you’re looking for a quick and convenient solution to skin problems, there’s nothing better out there than DermCheck. And hopefully we’ll see more applications like this cover other medical areas in the future, truly making visiting a doctor a convenient experience that you don’t have to fit in a tight schedule. And if your iPad needs a makeover, why not get rid of those stale old apps and download the latest and best iPad apps.

If you’re interested in giving DermCheck a try, it’s available for iOS and Android as a free download.  And best of all, your first consolation is free using code “gadgetreview2016”. And if you own a Mac, some other free and important apps are featured on our review of 10 of the best free Mac apps.

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