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Denon Intros Cocoon Home and Portable High End Audio Docks with Airplay Support

When is the last time you heard from Denon?  Unless of course you were purchasing a home theater.  It’s been so long for us, we’re blowing the proverbial dust off our brains to try and remember.  Nevertheless, earlier this month the company announced two new Airplay compatible iPod/iPhone compatible speakers docks; the Cocoon Home and Cocoon Portable.

The Cocoon Home is the bigger of the two, and boasts 100 wats of total power.  It features a ported enclosure and a built-in, 2-way speaker system with dual-layer woofers.  DSP and 9-band equalization is also available on the backend to prevent distortion and tweaking your tunes according to your taste.  In addition to Airplay, and Apple’s 30-pin dock, there is a USB port for flash drives, Internet radio accessibility with 3 preset buttons, and DLNA compatibility allowing you to stream tunes from a network connected hard drive.  And not for nothing, the Cocoon Home has been painted from the inside, so chipping it’s black or white paint job will require drilling through the plastic facade.

The Cocoon Portable is 25% smaller in size, yet boasts 50% less wattage, though Denon says the 2 full-range drivers have been tuned specifically for outdoor use.  That said, there is a 5 hour battery for taking it poolside or to the beach, where it will surely survive since it is water resistant to splashes and hopefully the occasional sand storm.  Like its big brother, there is support for DLNA, Airplay, and Internet radio.  Last, but not least, the back has been finished with rubber for added durability, there is a retractable slot for the included remote, and an integrated handle for easy carrying.

The Cocoon Home will sell for $599, while the Portable (only available in black) is $100 less.  Expect both of them to arrive before Q3 ends.

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