Deluxe Home Brewing Starter Kit Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Premium Craft Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Starter Kit contains all the essential brewing accessories needed to both upgrade your brewing set or set you on the path to beer brewing excellence. Check out our best home brewing kit list to see which kit would be right for you!

Why We Like It – Deluxe Home Brewing Starter Kit

Beginner brewers looking to advance their beer-making skills or looking to upgrade their equipment will find a home in the Northern Brewer Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit. The beauty of the kit is that it includes upgraded accessories you would normally have to buy separately. So whether you’re a beginner or a mid-level beginner, this kit will work for you.

  • Doesn’t require an auto-siphon
  • Very sweet tasting beer
  • 4 recipe kits
  • Expensive
  • Very sweet tasting beer
  • Still need your own bottles


There’s no need to bother with an auto siphon as Premium Brewing Kit has the Big Mouth Bubbler and Translucent Bucket which are drilled with spigots to make transferring from the bottling bucket to beer bottles with a bottle filler a breeze. However, if you do choose to use siphon tubing that’s entirely possible as well. The included recipe kits follow in Northern Brewer’s more sweet-tasting beer reputation, so opt for the Mr. Beer Long Play IPA 2 Gallon Home Brewing Kit if you’re looking for a more bitter craft or pale ale.


The Premium Craft Brewery in a Box comes with a carboy brush and bottle cleaning brush to make clean-up easier after your first batch of craft beer is completed. In that respect it is similar to the Home Brew Ohio Home Brewing Kit that also comes with a bottle brush. The Brewery in a Box kit also has five and six gallon glass carboys and comes with a Megapot 1.2 gallon kettle, which is an item people usually have to purchase separately to upgrade their home brew. But if you’re a beginner and do want something a little easier for your first brew, make sure to check out the Mr Beer Premium Home Brewing Kit.


The Premium Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit includes a variety of recipe kits: bavarian hefeweizen, fresh squished IPA, Irish Red Ale, and Caribou Slobber Brown Ale, just to name a few. This Northern Brewer Starter Kit is an upgrade from the Northern Brewer Home Brewing Kit and related products and includes step-by step instructions to make beer brewing even easier. The Premium Brewing Starter Kit also includes a bottle capper, bottle caps, and free shipping both on the website and on Amazon.

Deluxe Home Brewing Starter Kit Wrap Up

The Premium Craft Brewery in a Box – Beer Making Starter Kit may have you dishing out more money than you might want to spend, and it’s a surprisingly heavy kit too (45 pounds), but you can’t deny that the quality accessories included in the kit will help you in becoming the best brewer you can be.

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