How to Perform Dell Warranty Checks?

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Updated March 21, 2023

When looking at gadget insurance plans, you may wonder about Dell warranty checks. When you purchase a device from Dell, you will get a limited manufacturer’s warranty that lasts one year, and the company provides a warranty information service to check on the status of any plan. Dell’s manufacturer warranty only handles issues related to faulty components or shoddy workmanship, just like a DeWalt power tools warranty.


  • Dell provides a standard one-year manufacturing warranty for all of its products, such as laptop computers.
  • To check the warranty details, service status, warranty info, and warranty status, open up the Dell warranty check app on your computer or device.
  • You can also use a website to perform a warranty lookup or call up Dell customer service directly for a warranty report.

Does Dell Provide a Warranty?

Yes, Dell offers a standard one-year manufacturing warranty that handles issues related to a factory error, just like a Samsung new phone warranty. Beyond that, you can choose from in-house or third-party insurance options to increase your coverage, which is similar to how you add coverage to a Fitbit warranty. Enroll for these plans quickly, just as you would when trying to add to a Philips toothbrush warranty.

Insider Tip

Make sure to hold onto your paper or digital receipt just in case you need to verify proof of purchase down the line.

How to Check on the Status of a Dell Warranty

There are a few ways to check the status of a Dell warranty, no matter if you have a simple limited warranty or legitimate product insurance.

Dell Warranty Checks

Dell primarily makes devices that go online, like laptops and desktop computers. So the company installed a proprietary warranty check right into the device itself. Most Dell products feature a warranty check app that instantly relays actionable information regarding the status of your warranty or insurance plan. Please note this warranty check only works for Dell plans and not for third-party insurance plans.

Go Online

You can also access this warranty check via a website portal found on Dell’s official website. Just look for a warranty check page and click on it. As a note, have useful information ready to make the search process go smoothly. This includes the original receipt, proof of purchase, and warranty card. You should also have the serial number ready to go, in addition to your phone number and address. Once you receive the information, you can decide to bundle up further insurance offerings.

Talk With Customer Service

You can also contact Dell’s customer service team to inquire about the status of a warranty or insurance plan. Just remember to have the necessary information ready, such as the product’s serial number, phone number, product model, the date purchased, and more. Once you hand over that information, you will get the current status of your warranty.

STAT: Michael Dell founded Dell Computer Corporation, doing business as PC’s Limited, in 1984 while a student at the University of Texas at Austin. (source)

Dell Warranty FAQs

Looking for another maintenance option?

If you are looking for one-time support, go with a local repair shop or engage in a business agreement via dedicated insurance for services-expired Dell products.

Why do you need warranty-tracking software?

This type of software keeps track of service contracts, service options, legal warranty rights, and more, so they are not a bad idea to have on hand when you need service details.

How do you purchase a Dell battery?

You can purchase the appropriate replacement battery even after warranty expiration, though you should use the product identifier module to ensure you get the correct replacement unit.
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