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Dell 27 Inch LED Lit Monitor S2719DGF Review

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Updated November 7, 2022
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If you’re looking for a lightweight, compact, gaming monitor, the dell 27 inch led lit monitor s2719dgf is going to be on the list of choices for the best 1440p monitor. You’re going to get a nice refresh rate and response time which will allow all gamers to be pleased with this secondary monitor. The AMD FreeSync feature is what is the star here with a refresh rate of 14 4HZ. Compared to other top monitor models of the size, this is for sure a quality choice with crisp colors, little to no lagging, and a good-looking frame that will work well for home entertainment or your gaming needs.

Why We Like It – Dell 27 Inch LED Lit Monitor S2719DGF

This Dell 27 inch LED-lit monitor S2719DGF offers smooth gameplay thanks to its swift refresh rate and AMD free sync technology. With the 1MS response time, you’re going to get pretty much no lag and feel good about this multi-use monitor.

  • Fast and responsive gameplay
  • Crisp QHD resolution
  • High contrast ratio
  • Some bleeding


If smooth gameplay with a sharp, tear-free graphic experience is what you’re looking for, this, like the Viotek GN24CB Curved 1440p Monitor screen, is the monitor to try. With the refresh rate up to 150 5 8Z, and AMD FreeSync for super smooth visuals, this moderately priced monitor is worth the purchase. With 1MS response time, you’re going to get blazing fast and responsive gameplay with almost no lag and bright vivid graphics. Even professional gamers will enjoy the 3.68 million pixels that are almost 2 times more than a full HD experience. Multimedia such as movies and TV look pretty good too, and they’ll also look good on other Dell displays, as you’ll find out in our review of the Dell AW3418DW monitor.


There’s nothing too flashy about this Dell monitor, or its cousin, the Dell 27-inch LED-lit P2719H monitor. That’s because Dell screens are known for not being flashy. The bottom base is a dark blue-gray color, with the Dell logo itself, being the most flashiest element to it. Like the Samsung CJG56 144Hz curved gaming 1440p monitor, the slim TN panel is surrounded with a matte black plastic which looks nice with this borderless design. The back of the base has a curved edge, which slopes on the front and back, to give it a footprint type of look. All the standard imports are pretty self-explanatory. You might have to put in a little bit extra cleaning effort as the screen tends to smudge more than most.

While this monitor may require more frequent cleaning, you won’t find that the same standard for other monitors. Our review of the HP EliteDisplay E27I 27-inch 1080p display, discusses this in detail.


When you take a look at the more modestly priced monitors in this class or even 3D models like the HP 2311GT 23-inch 3D LED monitor, you’re going to find that their technical features are not much better than what you’re going to get here. Similar to having the Pixio Freesync Certified Productivity Warranty. Most gamers will shell out more than they should, thinking they are going to have an advantage over other players. But the truth is, you’re going to get the same advantage with this very high refresh rate and fast pixel response. Might not be ideal for movie watching, but it still does the job. Months ago, the price was even higher so now might be the time to jump on this screen.

Dell 27 Inch LED Lit Monitor S2719DGF Wrap Up

If you put aside it’s aesthetic looks, the Dell 27 inch LED-lit monitor S2719DGF is a well-performing screen. Pleasant and smooth images make any at-home gamer or multimedia experience worth the purchase. Gamers will enjoy the lagless gameplay with sharp, tear-free graphics that boast a fast refresh rate up to 155HZ and AMD free sync provides super smooth visuals. The vivid edge-to-edge gameplay has a crisp QHT resolution, impressively providing 3.68 million pixels which is almost 2 times more than what you would get with a full HD screen. All in all, for the price, you are getting a good deal for a more than decent gaming monitor.

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