DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If a cool wallet, to you, means storing a hefty number of cards, then you should definitely check out Best Wallet for Apple Card wallets. Yes, they can hold your apple card, but they can also hold your credit cards and business cards too. And the DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder is one of the Best Cool Wallets that excels in this regard.

Why We Like It – DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder

The DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder Front Pocket Wallet is an inexpensive alternative to expensive wallets. It holds more cards from credit to business than you possibly need and sports a fascinating design that should give you an air of sophistication.

  • Rugged and Durable Design
  • 26 Card Slots and an ID Window
  • Affordable
  • Not A Lot of Colors
  • No RFID-Blocking Technology
  • No Cash Slot


You won’t find a lot of color variety with the DEEZOMO RFID Blocking Genuine Leather Credit Card Holder, so check out the Boshiho Leather Credit Card Holder if you’d like some variety on that front. The DEEZOMO boasts a notebook-like design that harkens back to the days when books were bound by a leather strap, which I think is kind of cool.


Like the Karlling Organizer Wallet, the DEEZOMO Leather Card Case is about as lightweight as they come at only 2.5 ounces. It won’t have the ability to slow you down on your daily travels. It measures 4.2×3 inches and is constructed from highly-durable and rugged leather so it won’t fray from being taken in and out of your pocket.


One knock against the DEEZOMO Wallet is that it doesn’t contain RFID-Blocking Technology. Granted, this technology isn’t commonplace with all wallets just yet, but that day is fast approaching, and so it would have been nice if they included it here.. If you want it, check out the Ridge Wallet if you’d like this technology now.


The interior of the DEEZOMO wallet contains a sizable number of card slots, 26 in total, and an ID Card Window for quick showing at bars or checkpoints. It’s also important to note here that the Karlling Organizer Wallet’s main use is for cards. There’s no place to put your cash unless you can fit it into a card slot, so bear that in mind. If you want a wallet with an integrated money clip inside, and you can access your cards easily through a pull tab or place your main card on the outside, The Serman Brands Wallet will be best suited for you.


The best part about the DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder is probably the price. At a measly $5.00, it’s among the lowest we’ve seen. And while it does seem to be a fair price considering it only holds cards, you’d be surprised how many card cases can reach higher than this and carry fewer cards.

DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder Wrap Up

If you’re the type who dislikes carrying cash and prefers all your transactions to be with your bidet card or credit card, you’ll find a friend in the DEEZOMO Credit Card Holder. If you like carrying at least some cash around, you can stuff it in your pocket. Do you really need a separate wallet for just a few bills?

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