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Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer: A Diver’s Best Friend

Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer
All of the data you want in a small wearable.

The Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer is a diver’s best friend. You can think of it as a smartwatch for divers, though actually, it’s more of a wearable computer. The COSMIQ+ is a refresh of the original COSMIQ model, but this time around you’ll find a lot of great new features.

The COSMIQ+ Has a Lot of Pluses

It boasts an advanced bottom timer function for technical divers and it comes in a range of cool new color options like Cosmic Black, Lava Red, Lilac Purple, Steel Grey and Ocean Blue. Each of those colors looks great by the way. It also has modes for freediving, recreational and technical diving.

COSMIQ+ isn’t just for the elite diving pro, it will appeal to divers of all skill levels. All of its functions seem very easy to use. It takes just one push of a button to sync with the Deepblu App, which will let you easily create an interactive dive log and after you surface, you can play it back.


Each COSMIQ+ comes with a nice selection of accessories as well. You’ll get the COSMIQ+ Base Unit, the NATO Wrist Strap, Dry Suit Bungee Cord, Charging Cable, Anti-Glare Screen Protector, a Quick Start Guide and the Carrying Case.

Divers are going to love using the COSMIQ+ since it measures their vital dive data and even performs decompression and saturation/desaturation calculations, for Standard Air and Nitrox dives. It also has three Safety Factor settings for the decompression algorithm: Conservative, Normal or Progressive, with adjustable settings for Nitrox diving between 21% and 40%.

You can plan your dives in advance with the Dive Plan function. Other features include a Freedive Mode specifically for apnea/freediving, a Bottom Timer setting with current depth gauge and overall runtime, sound, and visual alarm warnings and a Dive logbook that saves dive data for up to 25 dives.

Deepblu COSMIQ+ Dive Computer

COSMIC+ is a diver’s best friend.

This Dive Computer is Easy To Use

The battery will give you 6 to 7 hours of continuous dive time per charge and the COSMIQ+ is water resistant up to 330 feet. The mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android.

It syncs wirelessly via Bluetooth so you can upload and save dive data to the Deepblu mobile app to create dive logs. The size of the device, with its 2.2-inch high-contrast LCD screen with pixel-less EBTN technology seems perfect for diving. This is a diver’s best friend. It gives you all of the data you could want in a small form factor and it is all easy to use and access.

They really did a great job upgrading the old version to the new COSMIQ+ and we think that divers will be thrilled.

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