Decor Therapy FR1566 Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Your bed and or reading chair is looking lonely without a table by its side. Where else are you going to place a refreshing beverage or suspenseful novel? Perhaps something casual—traditional, if you will—and with plenty of color options. In that case, the best accent table is the Decor Therapy FR1566.

Why We Like It – Decor Therapy FR1566

A budget-friendly end table that would go splendid next to a reading chair or bed, thanks to its 13 unique finishes and quick and easy assembly.

  • 13 unique finishes
  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Great budget option
  • Limited tabletop space
  • Not the most balanced


The Decor Therapy FR1566 Simplify Pedestal Accent Table won’t be the most impressive end table you have seen in your life. Its use is very narrow in scope, which isn’t inherently a bad thing, though its small amount of tabletop space will limit your options. Where the Monarch Specialties I 2445 has three shelves to place all manner of decorations both big and small, the Decor Therapy FR1566 can hold a picture or two; definitely a book, drink, or alarm if it’s next to your bed.


As limiting as the tabletop is on the Decor Therapy FR1566, it is still pleasing to the eyes in its own way; in fact, it has 13 unique finishes, from a faded turquoise blue to olive branch green. And each finish has a kind of wear and tear to it that makes it look antique. It’s a bit on the smaller size, in addition to being lightweight. This can be a good thing in small homes, but can become unbalanced if there’s too much weight on the top; otherwise its balance is just fine.


Should you bother considering the Decor Therapy FR1566? Definitely. Here’s why: budget. This end table is only $32, whereas the WE Furniture AZF18MWSTRO Table is $75 and isn’t as fitting to furniture with its limited color palette. And the Crown Mark Draper Console Table Espresso is $83 and better designed to fit in hallways and living rooms. If you want something simple and with tonnes of color options, we highly suggest the Decor Therapy FR1566. You’ll definitely find a finish that works for your home’s aesthetic.

Decor Therapy FR1566 Wrap Up

As long as you aren’t placing heavy objects on the Decor Therapy FR1566, its “negative” aspects are easily tossed aside. In return you get an end table with 13 colors to fit beside your bedroom palette or reading chair. It’s super quick to assemble and only costs $32. What else could you ask for?

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