Decobros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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If you’re a fan of more than just bananas, having a fruit basket is obviously advantageous. But having a banana stand and fruit basket occupying your counters can take up more space than necessary. Why do that when you can combine the two and create the best banana hook: the DecoBros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Basket.

Why We Like It – DecoBros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze

Save precious counter space by combining the usefulness of a banana hanger and a fruit basket into one kitchen appliance, encouraging variety in the process.

  • Comes with a fruit bowl
  • Great quality; aesthetically pleasing design
  • Banana hook is removable
  • Banana hook doesn’t hold a lot of weight


If you have noticed already, the DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl is more than just a banana hanger—unlike the Gadjit Banana Hook Hanger. It also serves as a fruit bowl. DecoBros fruit bowl can hold variable size fruits and of different kinds. The removable banana hanger provides capability to more than just bananas, too—even grapes can be dangled on the hanger. However, you do have to make sure you’re not putting too much weight on it. No more than 4 average-sized bananas or else bowing will occur.


The performance of the DecoBros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze is great—but so is its design. The bowl and banana hanger are both made of durable metal with a very aesthetically pleasing classic bronze coating. Fruit really stands out against its dark coloring and slotted design. The banana hanger itself is actually removable, too—you don’t have to hang bananas, but if you do, the 13×5 size fruits removable hanger provides capability to grapes as well. The Home Basics Flat Banana Hangers is equally versatile. The YYST Organizer Stainless Heavyweight Included is stronger in that regard.


The Banana Hanger Bronze DecoBros Wire Fruit Basket is a great item to have on your kitchen table or elsewhere in your kitchen dining room. This is especially true for those with smaller apartments; it’s a space saver item that any minimalist needs because it does more than hang bananas. Since it’s a multi-purpose kitchen item, aesthetically pleasing to the eyes and has free shipping, we’re definitely giving the DecoBros 13×5-inches Fruit Bowl and Banana Hanger our mark of excellent value.

DecoBros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Wrap Up

The DecoBros Fruit Banana Hanger Bronze Basket is the ultimate space saving kitchen appliance. By combining both a banana hanger and a fruit basket, you clear up space on your counter and keep the bananas from disrupting the aging process of nearby fruit. The hook itself isn’t the strongest, only handling about 4 bananas at a time, but it sure looks good.

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