Dear White People Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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Samantha White uses her radio show as a platform to discuss social problems involving white people. The black students praise her for being outspoken, but when it’s revealed to the student body that she is dating a white guy, all hell breaks loose. Now the black student body resents her because it doesn’t make sense to them how she can fall in love with a descendant of their colonizers. This show is on our list for best shows on Netflix with other great impactful shows like Breaking Bad.

Why We Like It – Dear White People Review

Dear White People is a great show because it reveals the flaws of American society still going on today. Samantha White has her own radio show where she attends school. In her show, she takes a stab at white people’s behaviors when they are not conscious enough to be racially sensitive towards minority groups.

  • The show covers today’s problems in American society
  • A representative show for minority groups
  • You will be enraged when injustice strikes


Logan Browning is our main protagonist Samantha White. Throughout the first season, Samantha goes through many obstacles because of her relationship with Gabe, a white guy played by John Patrick Amedori. Expect to see Samantha and Gabe express their fiery love during various points in the series, so I apologize if you were expecting to watch this impactful show with your kids. A show just as impactful but kid-friendly is Avatar: The Last Airbender.


This show highlights the beauty of black culture by showing how diverse opinions are within their own caucus. The show reminds us of the cruel reality that we still live in today where it is possible that some white people are still bold enough to show up to a blackface party in full makeup. The white people Sam talks about in her radio show are the type of people to refer to all black people as African Americans, disregarding the fact that not all black people have ties back to Africa. She faces many challenges ahead of her, from her freedom of speech being restricted to her own community disowning her.


TV shows like Dear White People are important to watch because they depict real life for many minorities. Minorities on a whole are still trying to pass through the barriers that white supremacy built. The show talks about police brutality, freedom of speech, and many more important subjects regarding social justice. This show will bring many thoughts on society, so if you were looking for laughs then Big Mouth is a great choice from our list.

Dear White People Review Wrap Up

This show is a must-watch for anyone that would like to be more racially sensitive in a positive manner. Sam explains the issues with America today by showing white people that their racist jokes are not to be taken lightly because behind that joke is a system that has used various policies to bar minorities from progressing in America.

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