dB Logic EP-100 Earbud Headphones Review

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Updated July 5, 2022
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dB Logic EP 100

Headphones, like the Scosche REALM IEM856Md earbuds, are designed to create an enclosed and personalized jam session. When a pair is worn we are hoping for concert-for-one level quality and clarity. We expect no audible spill-over to disturb those around us. At the very least, we don’t want to clue them into to our Justin Bieber-riddled playlist of guilty pleasures.

Audio peripheral powerhouse – dB Logic’s EP-100 Earbud headphones crank in performance by dialing down your overall audio volume. If you’re willing to sacrifice power in voluminous sound then the always-on SPL2 technology (Sound Level Pressure) empowers the EP-100 Earbud headphones with immensely pleasant audio sessions. Compare these headphones with our Yamaha EPH-M200 review if you’re looking for the best in quality. That cut in decibels will limit your variety of listening venues. Let’s take a closer look.

The EP-100 Earbud headphones are attractive if not stunning, though not as stunning as the Harman/Kardon Beautiful Sound NI in-ear headphones. We were sent the black and silver shaded model. But the product also comes in pink, blue, red, and green. What little they may lack in good looks, they more than compensate for with comfort. It’s a similar comfort you’ll find in wearing the Ultimate Ears 350. These little buds make use of a double padded ear tip design. Moreover, you get three different sizes of these chubby and comfy tips. The medium fit is snug and remains fitted even during my workout sessions, without discomfort or arching over time.

dB Logic EP 100 2 GR

For added comfort, the EP-100 is designed to be worn traditionally or flipped up so the cord can wrap over your ears. This is a feature you’ll find with the RHA T20 in-ear headphones. The result is similar to that produced by the ear hooks included with the V-Moda Vibrato Remote earbuds–conveniently without the ear hooks. It’s a clever design scheme that adds variety and added support without compromising comfort.

The masseuse-like comfort that the EP-100’s offer is mirrored in its pillow-soft audio delivery. You simply cannot make these too loud. They won’t do it, no matter how hard you try. Bravo to dB Logic and SPL2! Mission accomplished. Pleasant and silky-smooth audio reproduction. Don’t say your “I do’s” just yet. For my taste, I think these little guys are overachievers. Too soft! Forget bustling city bike rides and drowning out overly obnoxious patrons on bus rides. The always-on SLP2 is too good at what it does. Or maybe a toggle would be nice. Me think so! Still, at the reduced levels, these work at, audio is some of the most pleasant I’ve experienced in a set of earbuds, to date!

When your personal jam session wraps, so do the EP-100 Earbud headphones. Wrap the 3.5mm plug cable around 2-3 fingers and stuff the entire unit in the included carrying cylinder. It’s a cool solution for toting the little suckers concisely and simply.

As discretion seems to be a running motif with EP-100 set, it’s little surprise that the cost is just as diminutive. You can rock out in humble pleasant discretion for less than a couple of Andrew Jackson’s. Sounds good to me!

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[Rating: 4/5]


Bottom Line: Nannies and parents take heed. These are for you and anyone who needs one ear alert and present. The lack of smashing volume makes way for pleasant audio in comfort, without closing out the world.


  • Incredibly pleasant audio reproduction
  • Comfort in spades
  • Normal or over-ear design


  • SLP2 too soft for some situations

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