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Searching for the Best Grills if you live by yourself may not be a worthwhile endeavor, best if you narrow your search down to the Best Indoor Grills a good amount of options will be open to you. Specifically, you should check out the DASH Mini Grill. It won’t take up much space and is versatile enough to cook waffles to burgers and everything in-between.

Why We Like It – DASH Mini Grill

The DASH Mini Grill is an inexpensive yet powerful grill perfect for a single person who still wants to grill up some burgers or a college student wanting some quick and easy grilled cheese in-between classes. It heats up in mere minutes so you can eat quickly too!

  • Great For a Single Person
  • Can Cook a Variety of Foods
  • Comes in a Variety of Colors
  • Not so Great for Families
  • No Temperature Control


The DASH Mini Maker heats up in a matter of minutes so you can have delicious food almost instantly. It’s pretty simple to use too. Just plug it in and wait for the blue light to come on. Of course, this means there’s no temperature control, but that’s part of its charm. It’ll get hot enough to cook a burger or some waffles, but you can check out the Secura GR-1503XL if you want something more powerful.


The cooking surface on the DASH Mini Waffle Maker is about 4 inches. This isn’t large by any means, but it’s great for a single person. Of course, if you need something bigger because you’re cooking for a family, try the Zojirushi Indoor. The DASH isn’t limited to just waffles either. It’s fantastic because it can make burgers, grilled cheese, and even a toasted breakfast sandwich.


Coming in at about a pound and a half, the DASH Mini Grill is the lightest indoor grill we’ve seen thus far. Even the Hamilton Beach Electric Indoor Searing Grill can’t compete with it. It also comes with non-stick feet to make it stable while in use and the handle protrudes out a thoughtful amount so your fingers won’t get burned when you open it.

Ease of Use

I would say the controls are intuitive, but there are no controls to speak of. Whether this is a good or bad thing we’ll leave up to you to decide. The DASH is constructed with non stick material throughout, including the body and grill proper. It makes the unit much easier to clean both before and after cooking, or if you have an accidental spill outside the machine.


For $15.00 you can’t really go wrong with at least picking one up and trying it out. If you’re a complete newcomer, the Mini Grill even comes with a recipe book for easier cooking! And if you’re the type to match your decor around a color scheme, the DASH comes in red, aqua, black, copper, grey, pink, silver, and white. There’s also heart red and orange, but these change the shape of the machine to a heart or a pumpkin.

DASH Mini Grill Wrap Up

You won’t be sorry if you decide to purchase the DASH Mini Grill. It’s powerful and versatile enough to be a fantastic indoor grill for any person. The lack of temperature control may irk some, but it may make it much easier to use for others. It may not be the best for families, but at $15.00 it is possible to buy at least three. Provided you have the outlet support in your kitchen, that is.

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