Want to know vital feedback on our posture and more when you’re sitting on your ass at work all day? Sure you do…who wouldn’t right! That’s what the creators behind the Kickstarter campaign for Darma were thinking when they created the smart cushion that monitors posture, sitting habits and more!

We Sit Way Too Much


We’ve become a pretty lazy culture. We prefer driving instead of walking and sit for most of our day, which isn’t exactly great for your overall health. It’s said that we sit an average of 9.3 hours a day and because of this, 13 areas of our body are negatively affected by our excessive sitting habits. And 8 out of 10 people suffer from back pain at some points of their lives and much is due in part to sitting way too much.

The First “Inactivity Tracker”

Darma smart cushion

The Darma tracks your sitting habits and aims to improve your physical and mental healthy by  using sensor technology and algorithms that will provide feedback on how to improve your posture when sitting, balance sitting time and can help reduce stress. Darma will alert you when your posture starts to fail and alert you so that you get up and move around after you’ve been siting for way too long.

App Provides Tips

All your sitting activity will be monitored by the Darma and all that information will be sent to your device via Bluetooth and saved on its app. You’ll be able to analyze your posture, stress and sitting habits and the app will offer useful posture advice and more. It’ll also study your individual habits and posture and provide personal guidance that’s customized to your needs. It will identify specific areas of your neck, back and hip pain for each user and then suggest personalized stretches to relive those pressure ares.

Learn your sitting habits by pledging $189 or more.

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