Dark Knight Motorcycle Suit (video)

UD Replicas is no stranger to movie replica motorcycle suits.   Late last year they released the Tron Legacy motorcycle suit, which drew all sorts of fan fare, not to mention Facebook shares.  It’s realism was unparalleled not to mention functional, allowing fans of the movie to show off their penchant for all things Tron without sacrificing protection in the name of vanity.  Now the company is back, and as far as we’re concerned they have one upped themselves with this, The Dark Knight Movie Replica Motorcycle suit.


Like the Tron version, they haven’t sacrificed form for function.  In fact, they say that Batman would be proud of this suit given its level of protection.  Every element of the suit was designed from the ground up using the actual movie prop as a blueprint for their design.  And much like Batman’s version, this one boasts segmented armor, allowing for greater freedom of movement and added agility without compromising protection.

UD Replicas has limited production to just 450 units and it will shape some time in the second quarter of 2012.  Pricing is as follows (for some added scratch you can nab a functional replica Batman utility belt:

Jacket: $789.00 CDN
Pants: $449.00 CDN
Gloves: $98.00 CDN
Boots: $198.00 CDN
Suit as a Set: $1296.00 CDN

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