The Dark Energy Reservoir Charges Your Smartphone, Not Your New Age Beliefs


Admittedly, a “dark energy reservoir” sounds like something you buy in that shop with all the crystals that obviously only stays open because the owner has a, shall we say, independent pharmaceutical dealership on the side. But the Dark Energy Reservoir is actually something to keep your phone charged and ready to go.

Power In Your Pants

Essentially, the Dark Energy Reservoir is a high-capacity battery designed to be as portable as possible. It’s pretty basic; you plug it in to charge it up, and when you need the power, plug it into your smartphone to, in turn, charge it up. Until then the Reservoir can live comfortably in a backpack, a pocket, or other location.

It can be used multiple times, depending on your phone, although it can only charge up your tablet once at most.

Sleek And Discreet

Another selling point is that it’s a fairly attractive little device; available in either black or white, it comes with a stippled design that both gives it a little more flair and also a little more grip if you’re plugging it in on a somewhat precarious surface. Three LEDs on the front will tell you just how full the battery is, and thus how much charge you can expect. It’s also built to be fairly slim and light, so it’ll both be simple to haul around and look good when you have to pull it out.

Fairly Cheap, If You Need It


Considering how much running around one has to do these days, having a spare battery handy is a good idea. That said, with battery capacities constantly rising, and this having a capacity limit as well, it may only be useful for so long. But, until then, if you’d like to have one handy, they’re available directly from Dark Energy for $129.

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