Dango Pioneer Wallet Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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The Dango Pioneer Wallet scores bonus points for sharing aesthetics with Best Cool Wallets, despite not being made of Italian leather, but is still incredibly functional, like the Best Travel Wallet. Its durable, water resistant DTEX material not only looks good, but is also beneficial. Furthermore, you get a 5-function MT01 multi tool.

Why We Like It – Dango Pioneer Wallet

The Dango Pioneer Wallet is the companion for multi-taskers, due to its ability to house multiple cards, RFID blocking, water resistant material, and an included 5-function MT01 multi-tool.

  • Durable, water resistant DTEX material
  • Includes 5-function MT01 multi tool
  • Looks aesthetically pleasing
  • Pricey


While the Travando Wallet has that smooth, attractive leather, the Dango P02 Pioneer does not shy away from making its DTEX material look good. It almost looks like leather from a distance, but get closer and you’ll find it has an equally attractive aesthetic to leather. It has a textured looked that could have more grip than leather.


Doubly great is the DTEX material it’s made of actually has additional properties! It’s far more durable, considering it has water-resistant properties. So yes, it could get splashed and you’ll be just fine. There’s also a clasp made of metal to keep the wallet closed.


The Dango P02 RFID Blocking Bifold Wallet doesn’t stop there either. It keeps going by adding a layer of RFID protection, preventing nearby thieves from swiping data. What’s nice is its versatility, handling over 10 cards, bills, passports, and even a 48-page notebook with a Pioneer wallet pen (with space ink) that the Dango P01 Pioneer Wallet also uses. Most importantly, there’s an MT01 multi-tool inside for unique moments.

Size & Versatility

Unfortunately, the Dango Pioneer Wallet isn’t going to fit in your front pocket, but rather a larger side pocket perhaps. Alternatively, you can use the shoulder strap. It measures 4.25″ x 6.5″ in size, just to give you some context. Not even the Mundi Wallets can be carried in such a manner. If a small wallet with a hidden coin section is what you prefer, try The Herschel Roy Coin Wallet.


Now for the Dango Pioneer Wallet’s biggest flaw: price. For all that it offers, it’s still asking just a tad too much. With that said, picking one up will put you at ease, knowing you get everything you’d need when heading to another country. The Kipling Wallet, for example, is pricey in its own way but lacks as much in the way of features the Dango P02 has. You’re getting a better deal with the P02.

Dango Pioneer Wallet Wrap Up

If you can look past the price, the Dango Pioneer Wallet will serve you well. Despite the price, its features are all-encompassing. You can hold 10+ cards, a notebook, multi tool, and petty cash. Its DTEX material looks pleasing to the eyes, while also being incredibly durable and water-resistant. It’s very telling its only flaw is price.

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