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The Daewoo microwave stands out from most conventional microwaves of its size and category mainly due to its retro look. It looks like something that you’d find in a setting from the 1950s, and if you’d prefer this over the traditional compact style that most modern microwaves are built as, then you might enjoy having this stainless steel microwave in your kitchen space.

At about 0.7 cu. ft., the microwave is only large enough to prepare small to midsize meals, but if you live by yourself or you’re just with your partner, then this Daewoo microwave oven is easily the best microwave for you. For a quick look at two other similar retro devices, you might like our COSTWAY Retro Turn-Dial microwaves oven review and our Nostalgia microwave review.

Why We Like It – Daewoo Microwave

The Daewoo microwave is one of the most unique microwaves you can get thanks to its non-traditional look, and the fact that it is available in either red, mint, or creamy white gives you a little bit of flexibility in how you want your microwave to look.

  • Available in Red, Mint or Creamy White
  • Zero standby eco function
  • 1 Year Warranty on Parts & Labour
  • Beeping sound can’t be shut off

Power & Performance

The Daewoo countertop microwave avails about 700 watts of cooking power, similar to the Farberware microwave, and this is enough for light duty meals that don’t require a lot of power to prepare. If the 700 wattages may not be enough for you but you’d still want to avoid purchasing a heavy-duty microwave, then the GE JES1145SHSS at 950 Watts may just be the right pick for your needs. Both the Toshiba and the Daewoo retro microwave feature up to 6 auto cook preset menus, and an open handle instead of a push to release button for the microwave door. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a non-retro-designed unit, you might like the Commerical microwave oven instead.


Just like the COMFEE’ EM720CPL-PMB countertop microwave oven, you’ll only get a 1 year warranty with the Daewoo microwave. This might seem a lot less for an appliance that you’re meant to use for more than 5 years, but if you take good care of it through constant cleaning and maintenance, it should last even longer than the expected lifespan.

Ease of Use

The Daewoo retro microwave’s old design of course means that its control panel will remain a lot different than what a lot of modern microwaves look like. This doesn’t make it any harder to use though. The elements on the control panel are more rounded than you’d find on a modern microwave, but just like the Panasonic NN-SD372S, there’s a control knob there that’s generally used to run through all the options under any particular menu setting. If you want a microwave oven that relies on inverter technology to make sure your food is evenly heated out consider the Panasonic Microwave Oven 1200 Watts.

Additional Features & Versatility

With time, you might come to appreciate that this Daewoo microwave comes with one touch buttons surrounding its green lit LCD display that help you to get your food ready and set within minutes. Around the display, you will notice buttons that let you make instant popcorn, cycle through the 5 power levels and auto cook options that the microwave has, and also activate its auto defrost feature that defrosts your fruits or meat by weight and time.


The Daewoo brand of appliances combines retro styling with modern functionality to come up with appliances that are both colorful and well put together. The Daewoo microwave itself is available in either Mint, Red or Creamy white, and these are colors that are sure to make your countertop stand out.

Daewoo Microwave Wrap Up

One particular feature of the Daewoo microwave is its zero standby energy function, where it keeps the display off, and in doing so, helps reduce the overall power consumed by the microwave.

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