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D16 Digital Bolex

A funding goal of $100,000 might be lofty for some Kickstarter projects, but apparently that’s child’s play to The Digital Bolex.   The project, which was announced on Kickstarter.com not more than a few days ago, has already received over $250,000 in funding.  Why the traction?

According to it’s makers, Joe Rubinstein and Elle Schneider, The Digital Bolex will be the first affordable prosumer/consumer grade camera that can record RAW video footage, an uncompressed format that its inventors say is equivalent to a digital negative and thus mimics the look of 16mm film.

However, the D16 Digital Bolex is anything like its 1960s predecessor.  It’s can capture raw images, negating the need for interlacing and is capable of doing 2k, great for those that want to show off their work on the big screen without having to up-rez it, which often results in digital artifacts.  Other features include speed ramping, volume adjust, single still capture (ideal for stop motion), a pistol grip, Dual CF card slots and SSD, a 2.4-inch viewfinder and more.

So, how do you get one?  Well, at this point they’ve already reached their initial goal, which was to sell 80 cameras at $2,500 a piece.  However, for $1,000 more you can still score one and with it a few collectible items, including a bag and a camera marked with a serial number between 1 and 100, though it’s hardly a deal when compared to the other package.

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