D-Link Launches Internet Closed Circuit TV Product


D-Link, long time makers of routers, switches, etc, launched their first Internet Surveillance Kit today from the D-Life line of products.  It includes one closed circuit camera and two power/network adapaters.  Setup is super simple, and accessing the camera’s ‘view’ is as simple as logging into the D-Life website.

At first the two Powerline networking adapters left me scratching my head in wonder, but after reading through eHomeupgrade’s complete article it makes sense (yes, reading a complete article can answer questions).  The Powerline adapters not only provide power to the camera(s), but connect the camera to your home’s router via your home’s electrical wiring, provided you plug the Powerline adapters into the same circuit. So in short, the camera sends it’s signal to the attached Powerline adapter, that Powerline adapter then sends its signal through the electrical wiring to the other Powerline adapter which is plugged into your router, which then subsequently uploads the feed to the D-Life website.  Got it?  Good. So now you can monitor the kids, the babysitter or that rascally dog that likes to pee on the white couch when you’re not home (nod to Sherlock).

The D-Life Internet Surveillance Kit is available right now fomr the D-Link Shop for $500, with the expansion kit starting at $400.  Starting later this year you’ll be able to find it at major retailers and e-tailers.

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