CyberQ WiFi Can Automatically Adjust Your BBQ’s Outputs, Controlled by iPhone

Grilling is more a less an art.  It’s takes an innate skill to know when to pull your meat from the burner (or embers if you charcoal).  But let’s face it, when you BBQ, you’re BBQing to distraction.  Which is to say, you’re not BBQing to focus on one thing, you’re doing it to unwind from the work week, socialize and have some fun.  So odds are you don’t wanna man the grill every second of the party.  That’s why you need yourself the CyberQ Wifi.

Now, to be clear, this isn’t a simple remote meat thermometer that wirelessly beams the temp to your smartphone.  Nope, this thing is a soup to nuts grilling machine.  That said, it does use WiFi, but instead of beaming info to your smartphone, you can login to its independent web server and check in on the grilling activity.  Unfortunately, it won’t flip the burgers for you, but it can automatically adjust your gas grills output by independently rotating the associated knob thanks to an included motored dial.  So if the CyberQ Wifi detects that the meat’s temperature is rising too fast, it will automatically, and magically no less, lower the BTU output.  The same adjustment can be done if the lid of the grill is lifted, which often results in a dissipation of heat.

Included in the $300 package are 4 sensors: one to monitor your pit’s temparture and 3 to monitor the food.  There is also a 16 Character by two line backlit LCD display that is built into the control box, which can emit alarms if the cooking temperature is met or exceed (F or C), as well as a fuel detector based on output.

Update: I was wrong.  There isn’t a motorized knob.  Instead, and this is from the manufactuerer’s mouth, it’s designed to be used with charcoal grills:

It works using a fan system that stokes the flames when the temp needs to rise and turns off when it needs to cool down. The controls will keep a charcoal grill running within a few degrees of accuracy for hours on end.

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