Cuisinart Grill Review

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Updated April 19, 2023
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With so many options in the market, finding a good quality gas grill can be quite difficult to do, especially if you don’t fancy yourself as someone who even cooks out that often. If this sounds like you, then perhaps this Cuisinart gas grill review might help you narrow down your options. The Cuisinart burner gas grill is a reliable, sturdy, stainless steel round outdoor cooking station that’ll allow you to prepare restaurant-quality food from the comfort of your backyard. It doesn’t take the first position on our list of the best grills around, but it’s close to being the best flat-top grill in the market, it is still capable of delivering excellent results.

Why We Like It – Cuisinart Grills

Cuisinart Grills are well known to be very durable, like the best built-in grill, thanks to their stainless steel construction, and their ease of cleaning and maintain. The CGG-888, in particular, comes with up to 30000 BTUs of cooking power, and a generous cooking surface that measures 380 square inches. On the other hand, you could always learn more about the grill in our Weber Spirit 2 review, as it’s much stronger.

  • 360-degree grease tray
  • Stainless Steel lid allows you to steam, bake, roast or smoke
  • Prep table that comes with paper towel holder
  • Weak burner knobs


The Cuisinart gas grill consists of two burners that are well situated below its cold-rolled steel top, both individually capable of a heat output of up to 15000 BTUs. This allows for dual zone heat control with individual control knobs, where you’ll be able to cook meat on one side and eggs on the other – a feature that the Blackstone Tabletop Grill does not offer. Its stainless steel lid is also quite versatile, as it allows you to roast, steam, bake or smoke your food. To compare this gas grill to a pellet one, read our Camp Chef Woodwind 24 review.


You’ll get only about 22 inches of cooking space with the Cuisinart CGG-888, which translates to about 380 square inches of cooking surface. This might look or sound small, but it’s similar in size to what the Blackstone tabletop griddle 22-inch grill has to offer, and the two both have two separate burners. Assembling this Cuisinart Grill will take you about 30 minutes, and since it also comes with 2 pairs of caster wheels, moving it around should be quite easy.

Since this grill is gas-based, you won’t want to bother looking at pellet smoker parts.


The Cuisinart grill itself and all the appliances that come with it (e.g cast iron cooking grates) are made of stainless steel, meaning it’ll take a very long time before it starts looking rusty. Also, as long as you make sure to do regular seasoning of the Cuisinart Grill’s cast iron cooktop with regular seasoning, and thanks to its stainless steel lid top, your meat will get to be more evenly cooked. For another grill that cooks food evenly, give our DCS grill review a read.

Ease of Use

As different as the Cuisinart grill may look from other rectangular gas grills, it’s still pretty easy to use, assemble, and even clean. It’s also got a 360-degree drain pan that and a removable grease tray that the grease settles onto, and even though it doesn’t come with a smoker tube, its stainless steel lid will still allow you to smoke food evenly.


The 3-year warranty that the Cuisinart Grill comes with is far better than the 1-year warranty that you’ll get with the Camp Chef flat-top grill, and this demonstrates the level of confidence that the manufacturer has in their product. Its grill grate is also unique from other grill grates in that both it and the warming rack that comes with the grill happen to be circular.

Cuisinart Grills Wrap Up

Cuisinart is a well-known American home appliance brand that’s been around for almost 40 years. It manufactures a wide range of kitchen appliances, and as we hope you’ve seen in this Grill review Cuisinart maintains a very high level of quality in their goods. If you’d still like a more elaborate explanation of what to expect from the Cuisinart CGG-888, take some time to hop over to Amazon, and read through some of the product reviews that were left by previous buyers and compare it to models in the same price range.