CubeSensors Monitors Air Quality, Life, Temperature and More, Tell You How To Improve Your Environment

Air purifiers like the Airmega 300 – The Smarter Air Purifier are the standard way to clean the air in your home, but below we have something a little different. The CubeSensors are an unorthodox product that promises to monitor your indoor environment using a variety of sensors.  They can measure temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure for every room.  They can even detect slight vibrations in the building.

Once the data has been collected, it is sent to the company’s cloud servers, whereupon they perform a variety of calculations and in turn provide recommendations on how to improve your environment.  This could be as simple as increasing the temperature, reducing ambient noises, or adding a humidifier to the space.

An accompanying smartphone app allows you to access the data on the fly, which can also provide notifications and alerts when you need to aerate the room or turn on the lights.  Each CubeSensor has a rechargeable battery, and a transmitter that communicates with a base station connected to your router. I don’t know how many sensors you can have in a home, or at what range, but it seems logical that you’ll want more than one to truly take advantage of their offering.

Any skepticism aside, they sound like a great idea.  I’d like to see a version that can detect pollen and dust count in a room, in addition to detecting air quality (i.e. pollutants).

Right now you can preorder the CubeSensors in packages of 2 or 4 for $249 or $349 respectively.  The company plans to begin shipping them this summer.

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