Cube Tube Ice Maker Prevents Those Messy Spills

The traditional ice tray, while effective, is an exercise in annoyance.  That is to say, you fill up the tray at the sink and carefully retrace your steps to the freezer in the hopes of not spilling.  Good luck with that, because 90% of the time, 10% of the tray’s water ends up on the floor.  An expensive, and not practical resolve is to install a fridge with an ice maker.  But that’s an endeavor that requires a significant investment monetarily and time wise.

The Cube Tube is a Quirky product that just makes absolute sense.  The price is TBD, but that caveat aside, it eschews the traditional ice tray with an tube based system.  You simply fill up the tube with water to the appropriate line, insert the divider, and freeze.  When you’re ready for your rocks, you just hit the flexible bottom on a hard surface to dislodge the cubes.  The Cube Tube produces up to 14 ice cubes, so chances are you’ll want at least 2 on hand, if not more depending how much you entertain (your drinking).

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