Cube Compact Electric Bike Review

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Updated January 27, 2023
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The Cube compact electric bike is an updated model from CUBE and is the best mid-drive electric bike. This sporty bike features innovative geometry that maximizes the expected cube comfort and even maintains a small frame size for convenience. The 20” wheels keep the wheelbase low, and the step-thru frame is easy to get on and off, while the telescoping handlebars and seat post make it adjustable for different-sized riders.

Why We Like It – Cube Compact Electric Bike

There are lots of compact hybrid electric bikes available with folding features that maximize functionality while minimizing frame size. The Cube compact electric bike has included the Speedlifter Twist handlebar adjuster on the stem, which allows the handlebars to be raised up or dropped down. The Cube new compact electric bike has another trick up its sleeve, flip the lever, and you can twist the bars round parallel with the frame, making it perfect if you have limited storage space at home or at work.

  • Compact, rugged and sporty
  • The handlebars fold for storage
  • Light weight
  • Slightly higher price point than other e bikes

Durability & Build Quality

When designing the Sport Hybrid, it is clear that CUBE was focused on finding the right balance of functionality and structural integrity while keeping the footprint compact. The cross-brace tube that reinforces the downtube reinforces the frame while not compromising the low step-over height or the semi-integrated headset. This cross-brace tube also provides a convenient Semi-Integrated Carrier ACID RILink that is easy to grab when you need to lift and load the Sport Hybrid. CUBE also elongated the headtube, making it easier to steer, and tucked the battery behind the seat tube so it is out of your way but still accessible. The Bosch drive unit is also housed safely at the bottom of the frame, which balances the bike weight for a low center of gravity. Bosses on the downtube for accessories and a standard rear rack provide convenient cargo options for your daily commute. The quality carrier ACID 20 makes transporting simple.

Performance (Speed & Acceleration)

This PerformanceLine motor provides 65Nm of torque and has a cruising wattage of 250watts, keeping you zipping along while maintaining battery reserve for the long ride. You get the best of both worlds with this street-tuned motor since it provides assistance as needed but is also very quiet. The 20 wheels drop the wheelbase and make it a rideable bike for different-sized riders making it one size fits most. With Shimano Nexus 5-speed internal hub gears for a very simple drivetrain that should need minimal maintenance. Unsurprising coming from a performance line the frame aluminium makes it light and simple to carry with the front carrier.

Range & Battery

Similar to the Bulls Ebike, this Bosch E-bike comes with a Performance Gen3 motor, a tried and tested motor that has been updated in 2020 with a few modifications that made it lighter, smaller, and more powerful. The motor is designed to augment rider power with plenty of torque but reserve battery power for longer rides. It is powerful, quiet and perfect for around-town riding. CUBE has tucked the motor at the base of the frame for efficient weight distribution and protection. If you would like a foldable option, the FIIDO D1 electric bike is a good choice, but it has a long charging time.

This battery Bosch PowerPack 500 will give you a respectable range. Depending on rider weight and cargo, we anticipate most riders will max out around 35 miles. For most of us, that’s plenty of distance, and the ease of charging the battery in between errands or while at work is a nice option as well. CUBE includes a compact 2A charger with the Sport Hybrid bikes so you can charge your bike while at work or overnight, so it’s ready for your commute in the morning. However, if you need a bit more range, you can check out our Cube Kathmandu hybrid 45 review to see if that fits your needs better.

Safety features

The brakes are Hub Shimano hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm rotors in the front and 160 in the rear hub Shimano Nexus. You need more stopping power on the front hub, and once again, we anticipate these brakes will be plenty powerful to stop the CUBE Sport Hybrid. While the folding handlebar gave some pause, some even looked up the company email address before riding, but they felt just as safe as when riding another bike like the Schwinn Voyageur. While the Cube e-bike uses Shimano brakes, the Blix Aveny uses equally as good Tektro mechanical disc brakes that have great stopping power.


Maintaining the overall compact design of the Compact Sport Hybrid is a unique folding feature CUBE has dubbed the Speedlifter Twist Pro. This allows the handlebars to be angled to the side of the bike, collapsing the profile down, so it is very narrow. This makes it easier to load on a bus or train, or even store in your closet at home. A two-year warranty for the tires and five for the unit Bosch drive system makes it a comfortable choice like the Trek Verve+. Additionally, check out the top Luna Cycle electric bikes for high-quality but affordable bikes that are produced in the USA.

Cube Compact Electric Bike Wrap Up

With a comfortable ride and the active plus of being able to both easily store and the front carrier. Even with the system Shimano designed for the bike, there is a problem, the cost is fairly high due in part to the drive unit Bosch chose and the myriad of features.

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