Cryptex Round USB Drives Lock Your Data Down

USB sticks are ubiquitous these days, and they’re also absurdly unsafe. Think about it for a minute: How many of your USB drives even have a password? So Cryptex decided to not just create a safer drive, but create a drive you actually have to puzzle out how to unlock your data.

Lock It Down

The Cryptex Round Drive is actually fairly handsome just in of itself. It’s a disc with four gears that you can freely rotate. As you might guess, the lock part comes in when you spin the gears. Once you get the right combination, out comes the drive.

Forged of solid metal, it’s also got a nice aged patina to it, and, of course, you’ve got a bunch of gears to play with if you don’t feel like unlocking the drive. Which is pretty sweet, especially if you’re bored at work.

Data Lock

cryptex 2

It’s true that very few of us really need secured data to this particular degree. In fact, there are plenty of password setups you can put into place for cheaper than the $50 that this costs. But, first of all, you get a puzzle in your pocket to amuse yourself, and if nothing else, your data, no matter how trivial, will be secured. Well, unless somebody uses a crowbar on this thing, but presumably it won’t come to that.

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