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Cruise Over Hazards With The Golf Cart Hovercraft (video)

Pump up your golf game with the new Golf Cart Hovercraft that’s now being sold via Hammacher Schlemmer. Who wants to drive in a conventional and boring golf cart when you can cruise the greens in the head-turning Golf Cart Hovercraft, which should make golf even more fun and exciting. While it may not help your game, it will make getting around the course a lot more fun since it glides over sand traps and water hazards on a cushion of air as easily as it treks over fairways and the rough. Oakley built this one-of-a-kind golf cart for Bubba Watson and unveiled it back in April.

Powering this bad boy is a 65-hp twin-cylinder Hirth engine with a nine-blade axial-flow ducted fan that can propel the craft up to 45 mph and 9″ off the ground without harming grass so that you can easily cross any pond or stream to follow-up a cross-water shot. And because you want to be super quiet while out on the green, the fan’s streamlined design minimizes noise. It’ll also speed up any 18-hole course and can carry four passengers beneath its lift-up roof and carry two golf bags in an open rear compartment.

You can steer the machine with its motorcycle-like handlebars while you control the patented fly-by-wire reverse thrust system, which provides braking and backwards hovering up to 25 mph. But that’s not all since its low-profile, aerodynamic design actually decreases air drag so that it’s super stable in crosswinds, while its skirt system employs individually handmade segments to provide optimal anti-plow and -scoop performance. You’ll definitely impress all your golfer friends with this bad boy, but it will make quite a dent in your wallet, going for a whopping $58,000 (basically the starting price of a luxury car)!

The Golf Cart Hovercraft

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