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It’s a gorgeous day out today, albeit a bit chilly. It’s a great day to break out the bike, go for a hike, enjoy a picnic or whatever your “call of nature” might be. You know a day in the sun just isn’t right without your favorite tunes. Enter Creative Labs and their handy WP-250 Wireless Sports Bluetooth headphones. Do they have the Most Important Features in headphones?

It’s a sophisticated looking pair of earbuds connected by a single flexible cord which can be bent to fit your comfort and individual ear-to-head contours.  The MP-250 uses Neodynium (13.5mm) drivers which we’ve come to appreciate for their typical pleasant audio playback, Bluetooth 2.1 + enhanced data rate and rechargeable Lithium ion battery 180mAh. They connect easily to just about any Bluetooth enabled device, come with 3 sets of silicone in-ear ear tips to suit varying comfort levels and a multilingual instruction manual. Plus all the controls are right there on the unit.

Once we tore the MP-250 from their packaging it was a simple setup processes to get them fired up. Just hold down on the main power button on the right ear piece for 5 secs, until you get a rapidly blinking signature blue light on the bottom of the same earpiece. Put your intended iPhone, tablet or other Bluetooth enabled playback device in its pairing mode and wait for the two to meet. Select the MP-250 and punch in the included pairing code. You’re set.

The MP-250 is decent looking device but not the easiest to fit in your ears and around your head. It took me a good 15mins to figure these things out. Yet fortunately for you lucky readers; my pain is your gain. Start by wrapping the cord behind your head placing the earpieces about where you want them on your ears. Now with the fit in mind, bend the flexible cable in a upside-down L-shape. It will take a couple slight adjustments, but I found this to be the quickest way to set them up comfortably. This is also mentioned on the inside flip-cover of the instruction manual. From here, the earpieces should shallowly slip right into your ear comfortably, providing you selected the best fitting silicone tips from the set provided. For individuals that have active lifestyle you can check out our list of Best Headphones for Working Out.

Once fitted, you’ll find the MP-250 BT wireless headphones to be quite solid for phone calls, music and movies. It charges in a couple hours. At which point you get 5-hours of playback and 9-hours of talk time. The base is deeper and more menacing than in similar offerings. It’s not overly obnoxious and sounds good. But it is definitely not for everyone’s listening taste. So I suggest playing with EQ settings on your favorite playback devices. Midranges are pronounced but play in the background a bit more than usual and highs are sufficient if not abundantly crystal crisp. Yet it comes to together well when you factor in the price, comfort and on-device features.

All the functions are right at your finger tips. You can use the rocker-style buttons to adjust the volume , answer/hang-up calls, pause/play, skip and fast-forward/rewind. The microphone is nicely concealed but picks up your voice nicely. Moreover, the unit is compact and travels like a champ.

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[Rating: 3.5/5]

Very Good

Bottom Line: The Creative Labs MP-250 Wireless Sport Bluetooth headphones are comfortable, sound nice, affordable, feature rich with great range and ease of use.


·  Pleasant audio in music, movies and phone calls

·  Comfortable

·  Affordable

·  Deep bass


·  The deeper bass may not be for everyone

·  Fitting them comfortably is a bit confusing

The Creative MP-250 Wireless Bluetooth is available at Amazon for $49.99.

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