CraftBot Makes 3D Printing Affordable

3D printing is the revolution in desktop manufacturing that many people have been waiting for. But the revolution does not come cheap; even a “starter” 3D print can cost thousands of dollars. Fortunately, people want to bring this to the masses, so that means the next revolution is in driving down the cost of the 3D printer. And the latest step in that process is CraftBot.

Craft Away

CraftBot is actually a pretty good deal for $400, the current asking price which apparently will be driven downward as more manufacturing comes into play and the design is refined further. It’s got a lot of room for a 3D printer, with a 10x8x8 inch space to print matter in. And it’s got a heatable plate at the bottom of the device to better print objects. But the usability doesn’t stop there.

Poke To Print

First of all, the system uses a simple touchscreen interface instead of the industrial controls you find on even “consumer” focused printers. Secondly, it comes with its own free software for you to build the 3D printed object of your choice, which can be downloaded at any time. And if that weren’t enough, it’s built to work with other software that controls 3D printers, so if you’re already an expert, you can use the tools you already have.

Into The Third Dimension


This is really more for small runs of products or to mock up ideas instead of churning out thousands of items on request. But, that said, it is a small, useful little 3D printer that brings the idea of churning out little plastic items into reality, and may, in the long run, herald a change in how we find and buy small tools, toys, and other little items. And if nothing else… it’s really cool. That definitely counts for something.

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