Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger Review

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Updated June 27, 2022
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You can get all kinds of accessories for your PC—but rather than have separate devices, why not shoot for something with multiple features? The Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger is such a device, featuring three USB ports and two AC outlets, in addition to having a headset stand. It’s the swiss army knife design that makes it one of the best gaming accessories around.

Why We Like It – Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger

A feature-rich headset stand that can also fast charge three different devices and provides two additional AC outlets.

  • 3 built-in fast charging ports
  • 2 built-in AC power sockets
  • Efficiently holds two headsets
  • Not ideal for small desks
  • Need power to use most features


The Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger really feels and works as a one-stop device, the one to rule them all. Forget taking up an electrical outlet with charger boxes—just use this. While fast charging isn’t as good as dedicated equipment, they were solid—especially plugging a pair of Turtle Beach Stealth 600 in. With AC outlets so closely available, it meant we could plug in a laptop to charge, too.

As for the stand itself, it has a wide enough resting area to hold at least two headsets, depending on their size. Better yet, one spot could be for a headset and the other you could wrap a pair of J+S Vision Blue Light Shield Gaming Glasses Gaming Accessory around the edge.


What holds the Cozoo Gaming Headset Stand Charging Dock back is its size. It isn’t a big desk headset holder mount—we’ve seen bigger—but it still isn’t ideal for small desks. To make matters worse, most of the features are only available if it’s plugged in and the cable is a little on the small side at 4.9ft; otherwise it becomes a glorified earphone hanger. When it is powered, you have three USB ports to use and two AC outlets. There is an alternative model that drops AC outlets in favor of two more USB ports and smart watch charging, and is a bit more friendly to desk space.


The Cozoo Headphone 3-port USB Charging Station has a lot going for it. The all-in-one design is enticing and would really help cable management, just as the Razer Gaming Mouse Bungee V2 does. Having not one but three solid performing fast charging ports is great considering the average person has at least a smartphone and tablet. Given the performance, design and $30 price tag, this headset stand with 3-port smart USB charger Cozoo has created has great value.

Cozoo Headphone Stand With USB Charger Wrap Up

Getting power to the Cozoo Headphone Stand WIth USB Charger isn’t hard. When it is working, you get the whole kit: three fasting charging USB ports and two AC outlets, in addition to a headset stand that can handle two sets. While it’s still small in design, it’s better suited sitting on an average-sized desk.

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