How much are you willing to pay for extra-clean, designer water? Cove is willing to bet you’ll pay quite a lot with its new water filter. If you’ve looked at the best water filter systems already, have a look at this. For the rest of your cookware, check out our Hard Anodized Cookware vs Stainless Steel comparison.

There’s no denying that Cove looks cool. It has a fancy ovalish shape, metallic contours, and generally looks like something you would pour in your space cantina while listening to the latest rumors about rebel scum.

But Cove is also trying to push just how healthy this new water filter can make your water. Apparently there are all sorts of naughty bits floating in tap water, from pharmaceuticals (ahhh, there’s the target customer) and harsh chemicals to heavy metals. Cove’s filter is supposed to get rid of all that – the problem is, it’s tough to find out exactly how. If you’re looking for other ways to get fresh water in your home, consider the best water filtration system on the market to compare.

Cove, perhaps understandably, doesn’t want to reveal too much about its filtering mechanism, but all consumers are left with is information about a “multi-stage filtering network” and “lazer-etched membranes” with silver-impregnated carbon activated alumina, ion exchange, and mineral stones. Those are all fairly common filtering mechanisms – some of them are even used inside home plumbing systems before water reaches the tap. Buzzwords aside, there’s little sign that this filter works better than a Brita (which also uses ion exchange and activated carbon), but at around 10x the price.


But let’s give credit where credit is due: Cove is also a smart water filter. It comes with a companion app that allows the filter to sync to mobile devices and give you alerts about when you should drink water and when the filter needs replacing.

Look, if you know someone who is truly obsessed with water purity and hasn’t already dug their own well in the backyard, then $250 may be a great bargain for them. Likewise, if you’re looking for a great accompaniment for your stylish new apartment, this could be the perfect piece. But it’s not a product that will save most people any money.

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